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they think we’re trash • worthless • we might as well die • it’s not like we’re even people

(disabled people • queer people • PoC • so many of us • for so many reasons)

this is made from trash & shit i picked up off the ground • from what they think of us • turns out we clean up kinda nice • & make some danmed gorgeous art

$10 from this will go to the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico • trans people being kinda liminal & all • seemed appropriate

materials • i gathered the seaglass, bone, & ceramic piece while mudlarking along the banks of fountain creek in colorado • technically i suppose it’s creek glass

• the center bottom piece (i am not even sure what to call it?) is the end from which sprang a bundle of copper wire

• i found the heavy steel wire & washers along the side of the road

• the copper wire was gifted to me by my brother-in-law, who salvages it from the generators he repairs for a living

• the tiny bone beads are from a necklace which once belonged to my aunt, my mother’s sister

size • about 8″ top to bottom (not counting the hook at the top)

• the larger piece of seaglass is roughly 1.5″ across

• the bone is 2.25″ long (the ceramic piece is .5″ shorter)

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