Jan. 4th, 2017

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More wood. There's always wood.

Yesterday I found a couple chunks big enough to keep the fire going overnight & hauled them over to the woodpile. They're old pieces of like 6x8 that I think used to line the driveway but they'll burn & I'm not proud. Next winter we're going to have plenty of good firewood (because I'm going to get the permit & go cut it myself!) but in the meantime, we gotta make it through this winter.

Dharma & I are both feeling yucky today so we didn't do much other than make iron rations. We might or might not be making it to the event this weekend. Which I'm conflicted about -- I'd love to see people & we can use the money, but also I am SO tired from the Giftmas rush & really wanting to dig into the year-end & year-beginning stuff. Both the 'totalling up numbers' & the 'sit & sum up the year' stuff.

I think, in the future, I will be declaring 'no shows between Giftmas & Estrella'.

In the meantime, well. Take care of Dharma when she's feeling yuckier. Let her take care of me when I'm feeling yuckier. & keep holding the line.


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