Jan. 8th, 2017

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Of course, now that the yuch has gone away, I am FILLED WITH ENERGY & have spent ALL WEEKEND working on getting ready for Estrella, which I WILL be making it to, because ugh, I don't think I've been out of the house -- well, out of the neighborhood -- in a week, I need to not turn into a hermit, also I am not making enough from the website to do just that YET.

...anyway, I have held the line by making lip balm, & bath salts, & bug spray, & sunburn spray, & bite, sting & rash salve, & packaging up some of the 'so many lip balm' sets now that I some of everything, & generally getting close to caught up on making things for the shop.

I just wish I could keep a more steady pace on this, instead of 'idunwanna' for weeks & then exhausting myself doing a zillion batches in just a couple days.

Tomorrow, if we're feeling up to it, me & Dharma will be going downtown for a protest outside the state senators' offices, because climate change is kind of a thing, & it'd be great if they didn't put assholes who pretend it isn't happening into office.

I can't call, but I can march. It's a thing.


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