Aug. 7th, 2017

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it is monday, & we are here

monday being when i plan to do these, which does not mean that they will always happen on monday, because Stuff Happens, also All Timing is Right Timing

but today it is happening in a monday, & we are here.

what works?

taking my time. doing it right. half a thing at a time. catching up before i start new stuff.

next time i might ...

remember that when i have 'get offline' as a self-care Thing for the week, it helps if i do, in fact, get offline

the hard

Medium-Sized Child is, in fact, a teenager (or nearly so), & all that comes with that. a breath for not duct-taping him to anything.

dealing with others' expectations in reference to what i will be able to do in support of said child, which is actually I Have Cats They Can Feed Themselves & also Hey Kid, Here's A Can Of Chef Boyardee Food. I'll hang out with him, I'll big-sibling him, I ain't parenting him, cos Bad Things. A breath for This Is Why I Didn't Have Children.

Medium-Sized Child's mother, who is SO MANY problem, she's parentifying him, she lets him watch all kinda rated R movies with neither supervision nor discussion, she goes from nothin to yell, & then she's All Surprised when he acts up. A breath for We Cannot Steal This Kid, Probably.

managing my own expectations while helping Dharma go through/sort/winnow her Stuff, which there is quite a lot of, with the goal of making it make more sense, be more accessible, & also for there to be Less of it. She keeps things that have me going 'what why would you even'. & this is okay, they are her things! She is allowed to do this! & getting all cranky about it does not help anyone.

the good

there is, in fact, less Stuff than there was! & my roommate is happy with the way she is dealing with her Stuff! a breath for things working right.

Roommate & I are in agreement about Medium-Sized Child's Mother, & will be working in firm agreement to resist her attempts to horn in on the house we're hoping to buy. o.0 A breath for unison NOPE.

when I explained to my roommate that i can barely keep myself fed & attempts to put me in charge of feeding Medium-Sized Child will result in him being hungry & me being under the bed, she fed both of us. A breath for dinner & also for people who listen when i say a thing.

Medium-Sized Child (who is back with his mother for the week, alas, because summer school) really is a pretty okay kid, & the more time he gets to spend here, the more okay he'll be. funny how he doesn't seem to have meltdowns when his mom isn't around... a breath for Yeah Maybe This Is All Right.

also my oldmancat is recovering VERY well, he's eating more, giving me more vigorous headbonks, he smells better, he's happier. he's currently snoring on the comfy cushion on the bed. happy oldmancat. happy momma. a breath for happy.

the plan

Battlemoor's coming. Do Battlemoor prep. Take a lot of deep breaths. It'll be okay.


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