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wildharvested, wildcrafted • or if you prefer • pickin greens • these are more sort of purpley-blue tho

anyways you’ll get an ounce (by weight) of dried juniper berries • (the pile in the second pic is about an ounce • for reference) • which i’ve harvested with GREAT CARE • from juniper trees here in the east mountains of new mexico • (some of em wound up on the ground anyways • don’t worry you won’t get those)

so you’re all but • what do i do with the stuff? • you can use it in incense • potpourri • grind em up & put em in soap • make a tincture & use that in lotion • juST FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T EAT EM • some juniper berries are pretty edible & some aren’t • i’m pretty sure these are the ‘aren’t’

i haven’t processed or treated the berries in any way • (other than to try to pick out some of the juniper needles • there’ll still be some in there though probably) • no pesticides or anything on the trees • all i’ve done is water each tree I harvested berries from • i mean that seemed fair?

ingredients • juniper berries

size • 1 oz (by weight)

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

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