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(At least this one's not dead.)

So I come upstairs from a lovely nap, and Lewis is sitting in his room, and he says, 'come in here'. He looks up at me solemnly, with one finger pointed up in what looked to me like a 'wait' position. I waited, patiently, for him to call up whatever marvel onto the computer screen he wanted me to look at, but he simply cast his eyes upwards and so I followed suit. I frowned, puzzled.

"Listen," he said, and I did so, trying to hear the hiss of the snow on the roof over what he was doing with his fingers. Scrape, scrape, tap, tap, and I frowned and looked down at his hand.

Not moving.

I looked back up.

The noise was evocative enough that I promptly went in to check on my rats (worry not, [ profile] amykb, they're safely still in the cage). It's certainly about rat-sized, though. And given previous experience (that would be Thing in the Attic Part One), it's likely a squirrel. And, while it certainly _sounds_ like he's chewing on the house, he's likely got a nut or something.

Lewis is intermittently yelling 'stop' at the ceiling, with predictable results. Given the weather, I'm minded to let the poor guy stay there until the snow long as he gets back out on his own afterwards.


Oct. 24th, 2005 06:18 pm
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I mentioned earlier that wrestling and dominance-grooming are pretty de rigeur for my two rats.

I don't remember if I mentioned the article I read, which told about how rats wrestle, and social implications thereof. Apparently, even if one rat is enough bigger/stronger than another that he's just _always_ gonna win a wrestling match, he'll let the smaller/weaker rat win every once in a while anyway, so the smaller/weaker one is willing to keep playing.

Well, they've been wrestling, and Siegfried keeps winning, and then washing Reinhart, who HATES IT HATES IT YES WE DOES. I just heard an awfully surprised squeak, and turned to see Reinhart, standing atop Siegfried and washing him in the most smug of manners.

It's awfully too cute.
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So I hear a bunch of squeaking, and I turn around to see that Siegfried (the big rat) and Reinhart (the little rat) are wrestling, and Siegfried has pinned Reinhart on his back, and Reinhart is squeaking indignantly...

...mostly because Siegfried is busily _washing_ him.

They're in the same cage now, and appear to be getting along Just Fine. It was amusing - the cage and some of the things in it are new to both of them (though I also put in a bit of each of their used bedding, and their preferred sleeping-places). So they both spent about the first ten minutes running around and looking at new things, completely ignoring each other. It was hysterical.

So, things are gonna be okay.

I'm so glad I got Siegfried a brother.


I went walking tonight -- just up to the store and back, but I'd forgotten how much I _like_ walking at night. Especially on a crisp cool fall night, with a full moon and the scent of leaves in the air...


Then I made fettuccini alfredo By Myself for the First Time Ever. It was good...and so damn easy, I don't know why I didn't learn it years ago. 'Course then, the last time I tried it I messed it up, and I don't know how I did that, either.

The more I learn to cook, the more _independant_ I am that way, the happier I am, too.


Took Chocolate to the vet today. I was supposed to bring Samson and Taltos too, but well...didn't happen. They're _fast_.

Chocolate rode in a pillowcase, because I could _not_ get him in the damn carrier. Until he freaked out in the pillowcase, but he was in the car by then, so I let him out and he sat in my lap, fairly happily.

Turns out that the vet had a few minor emergencies this morning, so two fewer cats to deal with was a goodness. I met one of the emergencies, a mastiff with a broken leg. Two hundred pounds of _dog_. He was so big, Chocolate didn't hiss at him. I think he thought he was a horse. Sweet dog, though.


Tomorrow I think I'm gonna take a mental day off and go hike on the Trail or somewhere for a while. Then, Serenity, either with Jodi or by myself, depending.
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Earlier today, my rat unplugged my mouse. There's something about that, somehow...

I now have two rats. I picked up Reinhart from Brynn last night; he's tiny and cute and very snuggly and there will be pictures soon. There have been exploratory nose-sniffings but I'm not going to really introduce them until tomorrow. I also picked up a 20-gallon tank last night, so they'll have plenty of space.

Right now, Reinhart is curled up in the breast pocket of my flannel, quite asleep.


The ride up to Crown was...wet. Euw. I didn't get a lot of sleep that night in the hotel, so Saturday morning was painful, though everyone else was kind and let me sleep in. Even so, when I got on site I felt like I had a I napped in the Royal Room for half an hour.

The rest of the day was much better. The _sun_ came out and wow, was that a good thing. If it hadn't, I'd probably be in the car right now, heading away from _here_ until I found the sun...

Hung out with too many people to name. Not as much time with any of them as I wanted. Memorable moments include the 'household meeting' on the log, drooling over Sichel with [ profile] siobhan1214, telling Darius about the rainbow (he missed seeing it), buying a bead for the express purpose of leaving it as a token with the embroidered Pelican medallion in the A&S display...done by a seven year old...

The finals I did get bored after a while; I know enough about fighting that the first bout was interesting, but after that...

It was amazing, though. They fought whole bouts without swinging a blow. Lucan would shift his sword a little, as if to say 'I could hit you here', and Brion would move his shield a bit to say 'But I could block you like this', and they'd both nod a little and relax.

Eventually, though, we did get bored, and then my legs started hurting, and really I should have gone somewhere and sat down, but it was the finals of Crown...

Two _hours_.

I helped some with court, but not a lot; there wasn't a lot of stage and too many people on it. I was more useful during breakdown, which was fine, really. I'd rather do that stuff, anyway. Fewer people looking at me.

Didn't get a chance to say bye to [ profile] baronadhemar; sorry, boss! But we gotta talk about [ profile] faghagula's augmentation, and soon.

We ate (far too much) at a Bennigan's on the way home, and then drove and drove and drove and when we got home I got out of the van and went upstairs and went to bed.

It was a long day, but overall a good one.


However, I should have stayed awake long enough to make sure that the catnip I bought from Peyton stayed out in the van until I was ready to deal with it. Wups. Well, it's not like the cats can OD on the stuff.

She sells an anti-scarring cream that's _really_ nice. :) Also, there was oatmeal-something-mango soap.


Yesterday I slept the hell in. Then Lewis drove to the airport to fly down to Cocoa Beach for work. Then I did the rounds - stopped to visit my mom, which was lovely. She's much more fun to hang out with now that I'm not working for her. Helped with painting, hauled air conditioners, did some chainsawing, had dinner.

Thence to Brynn's to pick up Reinhart. Oh my god, a whole room full of cute friendly rats from tiny-tiny to big and grown up. I had fun. :)

I had the worst time picking - the whole litter I was choosing from were adorable and snuggly. I finally picked Reinhart because, though they were all trying to get out of the cage, he was the only one who was jumping straight up in the air in his attempts.

Also, he's got a little white star on his forehead. :)

Then up 422 to 100 to 29 to Emmaus to pick up the big aquarium, thence to home, another dinner, and bed.


Today's slow so far but there's writing percolating in my head. Also, I saw a pointer to a young writer mentoring program that I figured I should spread around. I don't think I'm up to being a mentor yet, but maybe some of you are and it looks like a really cool thing.
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Stereotypes aside, rats _do_ like cheese.
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I have this rat, and he gets bored.

So this weekend at the flea market, I picked up a three-level wire mesh cage for him to run around in sometimes. I don't want to leave him in there unsupervised, since cat claws fit through the mesh nicely, but if I'm here, I figure he'll be just fine.

So far he's spent six minutes on the top level, then descended quickly down to the bottom. I put some of his normal bedding in the bottom, so at least it smells right. He appears to be having the time of his life, and he's not afraid at all. He's using the ramps to get between levels but I bet he gives up on them pretty soon.

The cage came with a plastic dome-house (which he hasn't explored yet) and a nice ceramic bowl, which I've filled with water and put on the top level. Miki jumped up on the bed and shook the cage enough to spill water on Siegfried, who is now washing it off.

I am so glad I got a rat instead of a mouse. I think it's rats from here on in, now.

Edit: Siegfried found the little house. In, out, in, out, on top of, back down, in, lift up house with head and look out the side, let it back down, out. Then he knocked it over on its side and stood 'inside' it. He's so amusing.


Jul. 18th, 2005 08:27 pm
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The rat is trying to eat my mouse.
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So, I have this rat. And he's in a small aquarium (which I'm going to replace pretty soon) and he gets bored.

So I found a fairly large, sort of flat box, and I taped up the sides so they're high enough that he can't get out easily. And I stuck things in it. A glass jar, on its side. One of my sneakers. A low basket with a lid. A couple of rocks. Some clothespins, and a small ball. And I put him in it.

He's running around in there having the time of his life. Currently he's nibbling on a dog treat I put in there for him to find, but earlier he was trying to figure out the glass jar (mostly by climbing into it and rolling it around), and before that he was playing with the ball.


I need to think of different things to put in it for him to play with. I should probably put in a water dish, too, if I'm going to leave him in there for a while.

Only problem is I have to lock the cats out when Siegfried is in the box, and they get grumpy. But...they'll live.
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I thought I'd written about the rest of last week, but I guess not...

Moving, and moving )
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I'm off to [ profile] baronadhemar's again for a few days, planning on getting a lot of sewing done and see the Chanel exhibit and stuff. I don't know if I'll be able to get online at all, though I'm bringing the laptop this time. The cats all have each other for entertainment but I hope Siegfried doesn't get lonely without me.

Lewis is in Key West until Wednesday (as of now, but who knows).

It's actually raining, which my garden needed a lot.

Next weekend: Hang out with [ profile] dr_zrfq and [ profile] montuos, then work on the yurt.


Jun. 20th, 2005 10:51 pm
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With some help from [ profile] giselle0002, I have named the rat Siegfried.
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So I got to the event, and started to actually have fun...

...and my guts informed me in No Uncertain Terms that I was going home.


So I drove home yesterday, and watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and watched it again with the Johnny/Gore commentary, and watched the extra scenes, and watched it with the commentary from all of the screen writers, the latter of which was especially fascinating. Okay, I slept through the second half of PoTC the first time through, but I needed it...

On the up side, I got a lot of sewing done, and I posted a little piece to [ profile] pirategasm this morning which has already received good reviews.

Debating going back up to the site for a while. Not sure it's wise, but dammit, I want at least to see people...

Considering naming the rat Oliver, per Appolonia's suggestion.
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I really did.

However, I seem to have come home with a rat.

He's really cute. Pictures to follow. No name yet.


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