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From Lynn Viehl...three questions that are all you really need to know about your character before you start out:

Who are you? What do you want? What is the worst thing I can do to you?

It's a way of not getting bogged down in the details. I could see this working for me. If I ever, y'know, write again. :/
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So why do I make them public? Well, if I forget to write em, maybe someone will remind me...

Article ideas:

Goats and beans: The phenomenon of scapegoating, ancient and modern (for something SCA, maybe)

Spells Guaranteed to Work (Witchvox, humor)

Grr dammit. I know I had more ideas than that...
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Because [ profile] shrieking_ell did it, and I asked for one from her...

The first 10 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble on a subject/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal.

I'm half cheating: if you want an icon instead, give me an icon request, and I'll do that instead. I _can't_ do aminated icons, but I can likely do just about anything else...

Get wild with the fandoms if you like; I'll go do research.


May. 3rd, 2006 12:40 pm
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A few weeks ago I had occasion to take a walk in Evansburg Park, down near where I grew up. I wish I'd taken a notebook with me, but I did write down what I remembered when I got home, and here it is:

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Staying up until 2 this morning finishing a book was not the wisest thing I could have done.


Saturday, in amidst the journal-writing I did, I also managed just over a thousand words of the new novel. Promising - it was more than I'd managed in several days - but I think that winning NaNo this year is out. I'm not gonna give up on the novel, or writing; but cranking out forty thousand more words, in fifteen days, with the way I feel and the amount of _other_ stuff I have going on...well, I could probably do it, but it'd be shit and I'd be miserable.

Didn't get any done yesterday. It was a long day of reading and not a lot else, though I did make it out to Kass and Bob's housewarming - the place is lovely, a huge old summer home for someone rich, and I also got to meet their two new greyhounds, who are sweet if couch-hogging.

The I got home and picked up the new Diane Duane novel at ten-thirty. Yes, stupid. I've tried walking, showering and napping and so far nothing has worked to wake me up proper. Next I think I'm gonna take Lewis's laptop, haul it off somewhere _else_ and see if a change of scenery does anything for the writing...

Because...I don't want to give up. But I need to change how I'm doing it, somehow, or I _will_ give it up...
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...but it's been a fairly sucky week-and-some, what with one thing and another.

writing woes )
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[ profile] adais made me this Really Cool banner for my NaNovel...

Thanks, [ profile] adais!


Oct. 25th, 2005 05:53 pm
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I got up a bit late today, and took Samson to the vet. That went okay, but he's got tooth issues and will be on antibiotics for a while. Since he's one of my Wussy Cats, that means confining him somewhere. Up until very recently that was the bathroom...I guess it's time to think of something else.

Spent a long time working on this post, which I'd actually started last night. I'm semi-pleased with it. I think I'm going to do more meta-writing like that, on the theory that at least it's practice. Also, people might think it's cool enough that they start reading my LJ, and then I can do a web page with a weekly column and get people to subscribe to it, and then I can publish a compilation of my columns and make wads of money.

Okay, it's a theory.

It's been a long, rainy, somewhat dreary day. I decided to pamper myself and took a shower with the oatmeal-lily-mango soap I got from Peyton at Crown Tourney. Nice, nice stuff. I think I'm going to use 'cool-smelling' soaps more often - they're a not-expensive way to feel better about things. I _like_ smelling nice stuff, and I like the way the soap works. I've got a couple other cool-smelling soaps I want to dig out, too.

I have recaptured the Samson, and he is re-ensconced in the bathroom, with a surprising amount of petting allowed in transit. I still think I'm gonna wind up having to put him somewhere else, though.

Now I'm sitting here clean, in clean clothing, with clean hair, and everything smells _nice_ and I'm loving it. I'm surrounded by my rats and my cats and it's raining and cold outside, but it's nice and warm in here. I've got a couple of candles lit and good music on. I'm _writing_ again - nothing earthshattering, nothing that's going to make me wads of money, but ... stuff. Something.

There's been a lot of bad stuff over the last while and yeah, I've really been a mess at times. There was a lot of crying yesterday. Today is better. Tomorrow might be crappy again, and I expect a lot more crappy before I'm done the mental-rearrangement I've been working on, and figure out for sure where I'm going. But I'll take today, and tomorrow can take care of itself.
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So I was reading through a Samhain ritual - a powerful one, too, and very much _not_ the usual - and I had a thought. [ profile] fosveny and I have, for years and years, named all of our computers after trickster deities and gods and goddesses of chaos. They come from a wide variety of sources: Indo-European, American, Oriental, and -- quite a few of them under this category -- fictional. Partly this is on the theory that we'll never run out of good names to use, and partly it's because we sort of figure that, if we name the computers after them right off, maybe they'll be a little more kindly inclined towards them. Mostly, it's seemed to work.

One line in the ritual goes 'Each participant calls on a deity of transformation.' I thought, okay, who would I call on? And the answer was St. Veschke, who is entirely fictional but definitely an agent of transformation. And chaos. And lies and trade, among other things. She's from a book called Hellspark, one of my favorites, and (among many other things) rather a manifesto of trickster philosophy.

In any case, Hellspark aside, it got me thinking about the proprieties of calling on a deity or other being who doesn't actually exist. Granted, that's a question in any case -- what proof or evidence have I that Loki or Eris is any more 'real' than Veschke or Verra or Ifni? The point, however, remains. There's a presumption there, perhaps a dangerous one, if one indeed believes in gods and goddesses and demons and divine beings and saints and totems and spirits and such. Especially jealous ones.

I think, in this case, the difference is they're tricksters. The more serious gods on the whole seem to have jealousy issues but I don't think I've ever seen a trickster god doing the ME ME IT'S ALL ABOUT ME thing (witness someone else's take on the whole trickster thing). In fact, worshipping a made-up trickster god seems to be the sort of thing the average 'real' trickster god would appreciate the hell out of.

Hellspark gives a bit more insight. Or, at least, something else that a trickster would appreciate.... Maggy (an interpretive computer, but that's irrelevant to the point) is presented with a situation where swift-Kalat has to talk to layli-layli calulan, pretty much right away. Problem is, swift-Kalat's male, and layli-layli calulan is in deep mourning, when her culture restricts her to contact only with those of sufficiently high rank -- women.

In desperation, Maggy invents the 'Hellspark Ritual of Change', and declares swift-Kalat her sister. This is enough for layli-layli calulan, and the conversation happens.

Later the two find out about Maggy's invention. They're upset; she's lied to them, hasn't she? She hasn't lied, it's pointed out; she _invented_ the ritual to serve the purpose at hand. In fact, several other Hellsparks plan to keep using the thing. It's a real ritual, now. They believed it in, and it worked.

It's exactly what a trickster would do, in those circumstances. Tell the truth with a lie, make something real -- and good -- happen out of something that's not real.

If someone's 'invented' a god, and someone else believes it's a real thing, is that then any less 'real' than the ritual I've described above? If it works, I say, use it. If it works, there's something 'real' there. More serious gods might object to the concept; but a trickster? That's right up his alley.
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[ profile] fosveny has been away since Sunday, and I'm dealing much better with it than usual -- I've been sleeping fine, eating fine, proceeding like usual through the daym even getting a fair amount written.

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about that.

I did have some weird/lonely moments Tuesday night, but they went away fairly quickly after I took a walk. I keep forgetting how much I enjoy walking after dark. I only went up to the store and back, but it really cheered me up. Also, made my legs hurt A Lot.


Wednesday, though, I realised I was gonna have to get out of the house for a while. I got moving much later than I'd wanted to, but by eleven I was in the car and heading north. I stopped at the Snake and Animal Farm on the way up, because I've been wanting to go for years. Kind of a small family-owned zoo and pretty much everything there could want more room, but I got to pet a deer, and how often do you get to do that? Also, they have a wolf and a bear who were raised together and are apparently best friends. I'll grant that wolf language and dog language aren't the same and it's the latter I know, but from everything I saw that wolf wanted me to scratch his ears in the worst way.

Further north, and I decided to go to Bushkill Falls, another place I've never been. They have a nice little orienteering program which I declined to participate in, but might try some other time -- for this visit, I stuck to the trails. What with the legs hurting A Lot I figured that would be wise.

Which is, of course, why I opted for the Two Mile Long For Serious Hikers Only Lots Of Rocks Trail -- Takes 2-2 1/2 Hours.

In which I discovered that while I am The Hell Out Of Shape, I am less The Hell Out Of Shape than I'd thought I was. Yeah, I had to stop plenty of times to breathe, but I was going up stairs about a foot high and a foot and a half deep. When I got to the end, an hour and a half later, I hurt less than I had the night before after walking to the store and back. Clearly I have to keep up with the walking.

I took a bunch of pictures which I will post at the usual Some Point. Also, I left my camera behind -- fortunately after having gotten to the top of the long staircase, or I'd've been very upset. A kind honest gentleman returned it to me and I carried on, only having had to double back on about a half mile of flat trail.

I was pretty tired at the end of it and also fairly thirsty. By the time I stopped for a bottle of water I was sure my legs would have stiffed up, but they hadn't. Score for getting back into shape some.

Home about five, and I took a bit of a nap, because I'd bought a ticket to see Serenity at nine-thirty and I wasn't sure I could make it through otherwise. I'll talk more about Serenity later, in a spoiler-protected post, Man. And, wow.

Took me quite a while to get to sleep after that one.


Which resulted in me getting moving a lot later than I wanted to, yesterday. I wanted to be on the road at ten but managed eleven-thirty. It was a mostly pleasant and quiet ride -- I ran into little traffic and had no trouble following the directions. About half of it was non-highway, but I wasn't in any hurry and it didn't bother me a bit. I could have wished for more familiar musinc in the van; I'm not sure where my old favorite tapes went. But riding in silence didn't bug me nearly as much as usual, and I turned the radio off deliberately for the ride over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. No pictures of that, more's the pity; it was almost dark when I went over. But I was bad, and stopped briefly at one of the Emergency Only stops for a decidedly non-emergency five minutes looking out over the bay.

After a brief call to [ profile] fosveny to determine which hotel he was in (I had directions, but had managed to forget that part) I got there just fine. It's good to be with him again. We had dinner at a steakhouse, after which I passed the hell out and slept for roughly thirteen hours.

Edit: Woke up last night from a dream, and stumbled into the bathroom with the hotel-supplied little notepad and pen to srite it down. DOn't know if it'll turn into a story, but it's got the potential.
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Earlier today, my rat unplugged my mouse. There's something about that, somehow...

I now have two rats. I picked up Reinhart from Brynn last night; he's tiny and cute and very snuggly and there will be pictures soon. There have been exploratory nose-sniffings but I'm not going to really introduce them until tomorrow. I also picked up a 20-gallon tank last night, so they'll have plenty of space.

Right now, Reinhart is curled up in the breast pocket of my flannel, quite asleep.


The ride up to Crown was...wet. Euw. I didn't get a lot of sleep that night in the hotel, so Saturday morning was painful, though everyone else was kind and let me sleep in. Even so, when I got on site I felt like I had a I napped in the Royal Room for half an hour.

The rest of the day was much better. The _sun_ came out and wow, was that a good thing. If it hadn't, I'd probably be in the car right now, heading away from _here_ until I found the sun...

Hung out with too many people to name. Not as much time with any of them as I wanted. Memorable moments include the 'household meeting' on the log, drooling over Sichel with [ profile] siobhan1214, telling Darius about the rainbow (he missed seeing it), buying a bead for the express purpose of leaving it as a token with the embroidered Pelican medallion in the A&S display...done by a seven year old...

The finals I did get bored after a while; I know enough about fighting that the first bout was interesting, but after that...

It was amazing, though. They fought whole bouts without swinging a blow. Lucan would shift his sword a little, as if to say 'I could hit you here', and Brion would move his shield a bit to say 'But I could block you like this', and they'd both nod a little and relax.

Eventually, though, we did get bored, and then my legs started hurting, and really I should have gone somewhere and sat down, but it was the finals of Crown...

Two _hours_.

I helped some with court, but not a lot; there wasn't a lot of stage and too many people on it. I was more useful during breakdown, which was fine, really. I'd rather do that stuff, anyway. Fewer people looking at me.

Didn't get a chance to say bye to [ profile] baronadhemar; sorry, boss! But we gotta talk about [ profile] faghagula's augmentation, and soon.

We ate (far too much) at a Bennigan's on the way home, and then drove and drove and drove and when we got home I got out of the van and went upstairs and went to bed.

It was a long day, but overall a good one.


However, I should have stayed awake long enough to make sure that the catnip I bought from Peyton stayed out in the van until I was ready to deal with it. Wups. Well, it's not like the cats can OD on the stuff.

She sells an anti-scarring cream that's _really_ nice. :) Also, there was oatmeal-something-mango soap.


Yesterday I slept the hell in. Then Lewis drove to the airport to fly down to Cocoa Beach for work. Then I did the rounds - stopped to visit my mom, which was lovely. She's much more fun to hang out with now that I'm not working for her. Helped with painting, hauled air conditioners, did some chainsawing, had dinner.

Thence to Brynn's to pick up Reinhart. Oh my god, a whole room full of cute friendly rats from tiny-tiny to big and grown up. I had fun. :)

I had the worst time picking - the whole litter I was choosing from were adorable and snuggly. I finally picked Reinhart because, though they were all trying to get out of the cage, he was the only one who was jumping straight up in the air in his attempts.

Also, he's got a little white star on his forehead. :)

Then up 422 to 100 to 29 to Emmaus to pick up the big aquarium, thence to home, another dinner, and bed.


Today's slow so far but there's writing percolating in my head. Also, I saw a pointer to a young writer mentoring program that I figured I should spread around. I don't think I'm up to being a mentor yet, but maybe some of you are and it looks like a really cool thing.
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Well, the stitches are out, and the thing's mostly healed up nicely. The stitches did _not_ feel weird as shit coming out, which I'll admit I was a bit apprehensive about. The cut is still tender, and numb in places, and there's a spot of numbness running up from the spot as well. The doctor said that the feeling might come back, and might not; either way I'm not too upset. It's not a spot I need to worry about too much.

I would very much like if it would clear up and, even better, get dry.

Went to a writer's meeting last night, the first one for the local NaNo people. We got a new person, Rachel, who's been writing for a while and will be giving NaNo a shot. She seems pretty cool, and she writes some fantasy, so she fits right in with [ profile] abennettstrong and I writing-wise. Both of them went over one of my short stories and the comments were pretty useful, so I'm pleased.

It's a blah kinda day. I'm thinking about taking my laptop and going somewhere there are _people_ to write...I think I need to get out of the house more often.

On the other hand, I just want to curl up on the couch with a cat and a book and some tea. So, I dunno.

To Do

Aug. 21st, 2005 10:00 pm
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1) start Pennsic laundry

2) mow lawn

3) do dishes

4) unpack what I can from the van

5) sweep

6) vacuum

7) call the cat shelter guy and arrange an interview

8) write a query letter for that article and send it out

9) shop for food, since we're out


10) sleep
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- Talk to the guy about the cat shelter article, and start sending out query letters.

- Finish up Pairs and send it out, finish the dragon short story and send it out, start getting ready for next NaNoWriMo.

- Rewrite all the documentation for what's already done, and print out and file a couple copies of each.

- Finish all the garb I have cut out, and (while I'm doing it, not afterwards!) document all of that, too.

- Make more linen tunics and undies so I don't ever have to wear Russian stuff again Evar Evar.

- Finish commentary on Eastern letter.

- Start commenting at Laurel, and ask [ profile] baronadhemar if that can go in the SquidPak.

- Keep writing useful articles for the Herald's Cry, and mini-articles for the EK Herald's list.

- Keep writing articles for the Ironstar.

- Work on 'how to pick a name' article for TI, and put together a class handout and teacher notes for same.

- Write my assigned story for the polyficathon.

- Finish the name subs I've been kicking around.
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So I got hold of the post office where my manuscript is, directly. And I ask why it wasn't delivered. 'Oh,' the guy says, 'it won't fit in the box. It's only five by five.'


I sort of had this theory that a publishing company who is expecting lots and lots of manuscripts would get a PO box in which said manuscripts will fit. This is logical, yes?


So I said to the guy, 'Go ahead and fold it.' And he says 'Okay, I can do that.'

So it's delivered. But I admit to a bit of a decrease in respect for my possible first publisher.
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So I mailed my manuscript out yesterday, Express Mail, and checked the box that waives the signature. It's going to a PO box, and there won't be anyone there to sign for it.

So I check the tracking number today, and I see that 'a notice was left, and we will try to deliver again tomorrow'.

Um, fuck?

So I call the national number and explain the situation, and the lady asks me if perhaps the package was too large to fit in the box. It's a manuscript, being sent to a publishing company which is expecting such manuscripts. If it doesn't fit in the box, that's a BIG BIG problem. And slightly unlikely.

She gives me the number for the central post office which handles such things, so I call them. And again they ask me if maybe it wouldn't fit in the box. Hello, do I look stupid? (Yeah, and I've worked tech support, I know, but geez...)

So...she's going to call the local post office and tell them to put it in the damn box, and then she's gonna call me back. And we'll see. I really hope it was just a post office fuckup and easily fixable. If, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
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This morning I sent out my first completed manuscript.

It's a story called 'Chickens in Paradise', and it was written for a sword and sorcery humor anthology. With any luck (okay, with a _lot_ of luck) the people who get to slog through the slush pile will think it's lovely and wonderful, and give me money and publish it.

It's due August 1. I pushed things way too late with getting it finished; I wound up paying extra at the post office to make sure it's in the PO Box in time. Which may be silly, but at least I know it won't get rejected due to something I could easily avoid.

The reading period is August 10-30; responses will be mailed out by September 5. So by the 10th or so, I should know either way.

If they don't accept it, I have a few other places in mind to send it. And I plan to do so immediately, should they not accept it. That's how it works: send the story out. If it comes back, send it back out. Lather, rinse, repeat. Revise every once in a while. Don't Give Up.

With, of course, adding other new things to the mix every once in a while. It doesn't pay to stop writing, any more than it pays to stop sending things out.

So now, I wait.

And write.
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That's the last of what I hand-wrote, so this is all from memory now...

not so much with the class... )


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