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This is from late at night, some day or another of the massive road trip. I was just rambling but it turned into roadtrip gothic. I kinda like it.


between the switch to daylight savings time & travelling between time zones i haven't known what time it actually is since last thursday. i have forgotten what 'actually' actually means. time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.

i don't remember the last time i had lunch. or breakfast. or dinner. sometimes i eat. usually when the cats want to be fed. that's all the time though.

time is an illusion, the 40 is made of slinkies. we've been in tennessee for days. there is more tennessee. there is always more tennessee.

we stopped at an antique store. some of the things there were antiques. some of them were younger than i am. some of those were still antiques.

there is an ikea in oklahoma city. or is it memphis? amarillo? i saw an ikea once. someday i will find it again.

i'm going to bed now. i wonder what state i'll be in when i wake up.
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have just returned from ten-day-long cross-country excursion to pick up roommate's stuff from North Carolina with said roommate & three leashcats, ama
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[personal profile] silvercat17 is in need of money & taking commissions -- in their words, they do "art, graphic design, proofreading, and some web design and tech support". They do nice slick logos & really cool lookin monograms, adorable chibis, & comic book art. More info over this way.
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As do many of us, I keep an eye open for bits of T-America that might be slipping across the border into L-America. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, get ye hence & read at length, it is Good Stuff.)

Inoru (who's usually on the truck with Rowan, but has been home for the last month or so while Rowan had trainees) & I were walking around Grants last week & happened upon this sign ...

Grants Rocks. The kindness rocks project. Take one for inspiration, share one for motivation, leave one to help our garden grow.

... behind which was a little space with a bunch of cool painted rocks in it. I didn't get a pic of that part, but Inoru & I each chose a rock to take home.

Inoru picked a pretty blue one:

I chose this one, with pretty balloons painted on it:

Mine also has a little note on the back that says 'When found post on Facebook, Grants Rocks, 3/18/19'. Looks like people are posting pretty regularly about leaving new rocks there. Also it seems that's just the main repository, you can leave them wherever, as long as it's not private property or in the National Park or something.

Inoru & I have decided we're gonna do some subtle rocks with the trans pride or ace pride flag & words like 'You are valid' & 'I see you as you are'. Because that's needed.


I was at the local Walgreens day before yesterday & had to use the bathroom. In the back hallway I found this:

A bulletin board with the words Throw Kindness Like Confetti & a bunch of post-it notes

The small post-it notes say things like 'Thank you [name] for staying late and helping!' & '[name] thank you for organizing clearance! =)'. I mean it's kind of a cheesy corporate attempt to improve morale? But they're doing it in the good way.

There's often little bits of things one can do to make the world a slightly better place. I try to keep an eye out for them. What have you found recently?
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(I thought I'd try posting my not-terribly-weekly-these-days newsletter here, or at least a pointer?)

the great Soap Swappening

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So that conversation led, inevitably, as such things do, to me telling the Tale of the Time I Marched in the Mummers Parade Along With a Poorly-Chosen Subset of the Marching 97, with Occasionally-Matching Instruments.

(Look, if you're not familiar with the Philly Mummers Parade, I don't eve know how to explain it, just take a look over here.

Anyway, long, long ago, I attended Lehigh University. Having been in a VERY good & VERY competitive marching band in high school, of course I joined the college band. I knew they didn't compete, but I figured at least I'd get to march.

(Had I known, at that point, that there were college bands that competed? My life would be VERY VERY DIFFERENT.)

Anyway so. Lehigh's band was ... not the same as my high school band. I mean, they sounded okay (but used sheet music instead of memorizing their parts?). They marched okay (but marched in ranks of eight, using set moves, instead of the intricate freeform marching I was used to?). & well ... it was college. There was a lot of booze.

But it was marching! Which was better than not marching!

For a couple years, anyway, but that's another story.

Cutting for length, also alcohol use. )
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So there's this thing been going around about some TV show or other really falling down on showing how chair rankings in band & orchestra work. I'm not gonna go on about it but here's a thread about why it's NOT at ALL about being NUMBER ONE.

Anyway me & @kingdomofwench got talking about it, & I wound up a lil rant about how the bass drum line in the marching band is NOT AT ALL about 'being number one', & I thought, huh, I bet a lot of people don't know how a bass drum line works, & it's not much like anything else, so what the heck, I'll post it here too?


Wench said:

As a former marching and pep band member? We often had at least first and second parts for instruments, sometimes 3. And for the tunes to FUCKING SOUND RIGHT, you needed ALL THE PARTS PLAYED. "first or nothing" is generally crap.

To which I replied:

I was the #1 bass drummer my first year playing bass drum. Didn't mean I was the best, just that I was playing the smallest. My second year I switched to #2. Not cos I'd gotten worse, because I'd gotten STRONGER.

A bass drum line is ONE INSTRUMENT. There are four (or five) drums, played by four (or five) people. It might look like there are four (or five) different parts? But really they're four (or five) different NOTES played by each part of that one instrument.

There's no ranking, that would be ridiculous. It's mostly about who's gonna do best with what size drum. If I'd tried to march the biggest drum in my line, I wouldn't have LASTED long enough to fuck up my back, I'd've BLOWN AWAY, I did not have the MASS.

(The snare players always think they've got the highest rank in the drumline, but that's just cos they're all cranky they don't get to play bass drum.)


(Then we got talking about the fucking trumpets & marching drunk while in college & that led to ANOTHER story, but I think I'll post that one later...)
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& [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith tells us some of the history of why here.
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...cos if they were HORRIBLE all the time we'd've left a lot sooner.

I was reminded of this because it's [personal profile] mdlbear's birthday (y'all go join in the Birthday Dirge chorus over here).

TR & I were walking through town, & came to a light where a white guy was standing in the median holding a sign that said 'Honk! It's my birthday!' while his lady & small child stood on the sidewalk doing that sort of helpless laugh that's half 'this is hilarious' & half '& I hope he doesn't get killed'. People were intermittently honking, cos, well, it was the dude's birthday.

As we crossed towards him I leaned over & said to TR, 'How bout we give him a couple verses of the Birthday Dirge?' She, of course was all for it, & the look on the guy's face when two rather-older-than-him white women stopped right next to him & launched into the Dirge ... in the lower end of our ranges, somewhere in low tenor or high bass territory ...

It was, needless to say, HILARIOUS. Extra points to the two of us for starting on the same note & singing the same four verses with no time to consult, although we knew slightly different variations of all four of them ...

I love it when I can totally mess with some mundane's head, but in a GOOD way.

woosh zoom

Mar. 10th, 2019 02:59 pm
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For as long as I can remember, I've tried to fly in my dreams, but my wings were never enough to hold me.

(It's possible that even as a kid I knew too much about the amount of lift necessary for something the size & mass of a human to fly...)

The last couple years, though, as I was reminded in my dreams last night, I've discovered that I fly JUST FINE on repulsors.

*does loop-de-loops around the Empire State building just for funsies*

*swoops back & hovers, grinning*

Wanna go for a ride?
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i just took possibly the BEST BATH of my ENTIRE LIFE

as i'd suspected, the longer, narrower bathtub/shower combination next to my bedroom suits my body shape & bath style better than the wider, shorter tub on the other side of the house

the water heater is big enough to fill it to a QUITE comfortably hot temperature for me, with hot water left over (!!). i had kyphi bath salts unpacked & dumped a BUNCH in & oh, they made the water smell & feel SO SO NICE. i've only managed to unpack one candle so far but it's a big jesus candle (i know they have a name, but) that gave plenty of mellow candlelight.

there was nobody else home, thus NO interruptions, NO sounds other than Hades playing with the shower curtain, NOTHING but me & the bath

(also there's not a litterbox in this bathroom, & if you think every cat in the house won't come in to use THAT litterbox while you're in the bath, you've never met a cat)

anyway i am relaxed & dripping slightly kyphi'd water & a bit of sweat but not too much, I'm wrapped in a towel & pouring cold water down my throat, Major Tom is giving me confused looks but has apparently accepted that this is a Thing that Humans Do, & all is well in my world


Jan. 24th, 2019 02:21 pm
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After a couple of VERY EXCITING DAYS I am in the new place. The cats are with me. We are all safe. All of my stuff is out of her place. With luck, I will never have to see her again.

More later, it's been A RIDE.
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all of my soap & herbal stuff making supplies are safely in the van

all of my pretty dishes are safely in the van

in fact everything of mine in 'her part' of the house, that being the front part, are safely in the van

(this is not new terminology, the front part has been 'her part' for a while)

ALL of my show stuff is safely in the van

i have moved one piece of furniture to safety -- that being the jewelry workbench i picked up off the side of the road when i lived in knoxvegas

i have the rest of the stock staged to go out, minus the sprays that can't freeze, plus another piece of furniture, this one the black wooden shelves that hold my backstock

i'm hoping to get that stuff in the van tonight, & then i am DONE for the day

i'm exhausted & my spine is not terribly happy but i'm functional & my spine hasn't threatened to divorce me at ALL yet so

i'm doing okay

i should have help sometime in the next day or two, i hope

if not, well

i don't actually own anything i CAN'T move myself

though some of it sucks a LOT to shift

i will keep y'all updated


edited to add: ALL stock is in the van

plus a bunch of other stuff

including the second Item of Furniture

done for the day, ow
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i have been given two weeks' notice to get out which is FASCINATING because before she was claiming her trouble was that i was moving out so soon??

ALSO she has demanded that i give her Hades' harness back, which, yeah, she paid for it, but COME ON

(it's like a ten dollar harness, I can grab him another one easy)

there's a sign on the cat food that says 'buy your own' um well

i guess all of her protestations of how much she loves my cats were actually not true??

ALSO i had to wait a while to discover this bc she LOCKED THE DOOR between the front of the house & the back

that would be the one that blocks my way TO THE KITCHEN

& also a lot of my stuff

i called Daryl & it's open now but she's claiming it was never locked

of COURSE it wasn't

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welp TR has figured out i'm moving

she is ... acting like i broke up with her?? which is Very Confusing??

apparently i have beTRAyeD hEr trUST by deciding to move

(she claims that if i'd given her a couple months' notice she'd've been okay with it which 1) she's lying & 2) WHO DOES THAT)

(like, THE HOUSE IS PAID FOR, she doesn't need me paying my part of the rest THERE ISN'T ANY)

oh & on top of acting like i dumped her she also ended the conversation by telling me she was going to Go Be Alone & i should Think About What I Have Done


am i her girlfriend or kid, i have lost track

*vigorous eyerolling*

anyways i have Moving Help getting lined up & i'm'a be out of her as soon as possible cos, the SHIT ANYWAYS

(new place is ready except for That Faucet & the internutz but the latter will happen thursday & i can get a lot of unpacking/sewing/napping done in that time)

further updates as events warrant
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(h/t to [personal profile] thewayne as usual for this)

There's this guy in Australia by the name of Troy Hunt who maintains a database. Whenever a dump of hacked user names and passwords appears, he snags a copy and sucks it into his system so that people can find out if their email address was compromised. Cool service.

He's expanded its functionality.

You now can enter a PASSWORD and it will tell you how many times it has appeared in password dumps!

[ trimmed some personal stuff ]

Here's the URL if you'd like to test some of your own passwords:

Feel free to repost this info, please test your important passwords and if they've been compromised, change them! And if you'd like to see if your email address has ever been compromised, just go up a level on that web site to the root.

And if you really want to have some fun, you can download the password list either through a direct download or a torrent, but it's 11 gig, so you're best off torrenting it.
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(h/t [personal profile] thewayne who also gave me permission to copy his post)

Saladin Ahmed's Engraved on the Eye, is available for a presumably short time, on Smashwords in ebook format. Presumably you must have a free Smashwords account, which I have.

The description from the site:
A medieval physician asked to do the impossible. A gun slinging Muslim wizard in the old West. A disgruntled super villain pining for prison reform. A cybernetic soldier who might or might not be receiving messages from God. These short stories have been nominated for the Nebula and Campbell awards, and reprinted in The Year’s Best Fantasy Anthologies.

To which I add: I love his work SO SO MUCH, I HIGHLY recommend this.
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(as adapted from my Twitter stream from last night; I'm not changing time references but this all happened yesterday)

I am told that one should begin a story as close to the end as possible. In the interests of fulfilling this directive, & because I am FUCKING HILARIOUS, I present to you the update with which I updated my soon-to-be housemates about two hours ago.

"In order & in brief:

"The electric is on, the water is off, I got it mostly mopped up, I met one of the neighbors, the van is unstuck, & I need a shower SO SO MUCH."

Is this where the record scratch goes? Is this where the voiceover, in Clint Barton's voice, says "Okay. This looks bad."? Let us rewind, then, to a few hours previous.

record scratch )

2019 goals

Jan. 2nd, 2019 07:47 pm
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they're really more ... guidelines

By which I mean that these aren't so much hard & fast 'what I will do this year' because, y'all, this is my life, there's a decent chance at basically any point that I'm gonna hafta pack up & move across the country with two weeks' warning AGAIN.

But these are the winds by which I mean to set my sails.

This year I'm gonna be:

Moving. Okay, I'm pretty firmly stuck with that one at this point.

Settling in. Because THIS TIME, FOR SURE.

Building a new website. Building the Trickster's Trash website was as much proof of concept as anything else; can I do this? The answer is YES. It's time for a new website for The Vagabond Tabby.

Doing more shows & events. I've really fallen away from doing many events the past couple years, partly cos the local SCA group isn't great, partly cos travelling with TR is TERRIBLE, partly cos there's been just too much Thing. It's been useful taking that break -- I've spent a lot of the time it's given me getting my online game to where I need it. But now I can shift my focus back to getting on the road. & pursuant to that...

Starting my tinker wagon build. I've been edging around this concept for years. I finally know more-or-less what I need. & I am too damn old to be setting up an entire damn pavilion every time I'm doing a show.

Is that enough? I think that's enough.

It'll be entertaining to see how much of it actually happens...


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