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i just took possibly the BEST BATH of my ENTIRE LIFE

as i'd suspected, the longer, narrower bathtub/shower combination next to my bedroom suits my body shape & bath style better than the wider, shorter tub on the other side of the house

the water heater is big enough to fill it to a QUITE comfortably hot temperature for me, with hot water left over (!!). i had kyphi bath salts unpacked & dumped a BUNCH in & oh, they made the water smell & feel SO SO NICE. i've only managed to unpack one candle so far but it's a big jesus candle (i know they have a name, but) that gave plenty of mellow candlelight.

there was nobody else home, thus NO interruptions, NO sounds other than Hades playing with the shower curtain, NOTHING but me & the bath

(also there's not a litterbox in this bathroom, & if you think every cat in the house won't come in to use THAT litterbox while you're in the bath, you've never met a cat)

anyway i am relaxed & dripping slightly kyphi'd water & a bit of sweat but not too much, I'm wrapped in a towel & pouring cold water down my throat, Major Tom is giving me confused looks but has apparently accepted that this is a Thing that Humans Do, & all is well in my world


Jan. 24th, 2019 02:21 pm
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After a couple of VERY EXCITING DAYS I am in the new place. The cats are with me. We are all safe. All of my stuff is out of her place. With luck, I will never have to see her again.

More later, it's been A RIDE.
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all of my soap & herbal stuff making supplies are safely in the van

all of my pretty dishes are safely in the van

in fact everything of mine in 'her part' of the house, that being the front part, are safely in the van

(this is not new terminology, the front part has been 'her part' for a while)

ALL of my show stuff is safely in the van

i have moved one piece of furniture to safety -- that being the jewelry workbench i picked up off the side of the road when i lived in knoxvegas

i have the rest of the stock staged to go out, minus the sprays that can't freeze, plus another piece of furniture, this one the black wooden shelves that hold my backstock

i'm hoping to get that stuff in the van tonight, & then i am DONE for the day

i'm exhausted & my spine is not terribly happy but i'm functional & my spine hasn't threatened to divorce me at ALL yet so

i'm doing okay

i should have help sometime in the next day or two, i hope

if not, well

i don't actually own anything i CAN'T move myself

though some of it sucks a LOT to shift

i will keep y'all updated


edited to add: ALL stock is in the van

plus a bunch of other stuff

including the second Item of Furniture

done for the day, ow
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i have been given two weeks' notice to get out which is FASCINATING because before she was claiming her trouble was that i was moving out so soon??

ALSO she has demanded that i give her Hades' harness back, which, yeah, she paid for it, but COME ON

(it's like a ten dollar harness, I can grab him another one easy)

there's a sign on the cat food that says 'buy your own' um well

i guess all of her protestations of how much she loves my cats were actually not true??

ALSO i had to wait a while to discover this bc she LOCKED THE DOOR between the front of the house & the back

that would be the one that blocks my way TO THE KITCHEN

& also a lot of my stuff

i called Daryl & it's open now but she's claiming it was never locked

of COURSE it wasn't

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welp TR has figured out i'm moving

she is ... acting like i broke up with her?? which is Very Confusing??

apparently i have beTRAyeD hEr trUST by deciding to move

(she claims that if i'd given her a couple months' notice she'd've been okay with it which 1) she's lying & 2) WHO DOES THAT)

(like, THE HOUSE IS PAID FOR, she doesn't need me paying my part of the rest THERE ISN'T ANY)

oh & on top of acting like i dumped her she also ended the conversation by telling me she was going to Go Be Alone & i should Think About What I Have Done


am i her girlfriend or kid, i have lost track

*vigorous eyerolling*

anyways i have Moving Help getting lined up & i'm'a be out of her as soon as possible cos, the SHIT ANYWAYS

(new place is ready except for That Faucet & the internutz but the latter will happen thursday & i can get a lot of unpacking/sewing/napping done in that time)

further updates as events warrant
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(h/t to [personal profile] thewayne as usual for this)

There's this guy in Australia by the name of Troy Hunt who maintains a database. Whenever a dump of hacked user names and passwords appears, he snags a copy and sucks it into his system so that people can find out if their email address was compromised. Cool service.

He's expanded its functionality.

You now can enter a PASSWORD and it will tell you how many times it has appeared in password dumps!

[ trimmed some personal stuff ]

Here's the URL if you'd like to test some of your own passwords:

Feel free to repost this info, please test your important passwords and if they've been compromised, change them! And if you'd like to see if your email address has ever been compromised, just go up a level on that web site to the root.

And if you really want to have some fun, you can download the password list either through a direct download or a torrent, but it's 11 gig, so you're best off torrenting it.
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(h/t [personal profile] thewayne who also gave me permission to copy his post)

Saladin Ahmed's Engraved on the Eye, is available for a presumably short time, on Smashwords in ebook format. Presumably you must have a free Smashwords account, which I have.

The description from the site:
A medieval physician asked to do the impossible. A gun slinging Muslim wizard in the old West. A disgruntled super villain pining for prison reform. A cybernetic soldier who might or might not be receiving messages from God. These short stories have been nominated for the Nebula and Campbell awards, and reprinted in The Year’s Best Fantasy Anthologies.

To which I add: I love his work SO SO MUCH, I HIGHLY recommend this.
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(as adapted from my Twitter stream from last night; I'm not changing time references but this all happened yesterday)

I am told that one should begin a story as close to the end as possible. In the interests of fulfilling this directive, & because I am FUCKING HILARIOUS, I present to you the update with which I updated my soon-to-be housemates about two hours ago.

"In order & in brief:

"The electric is on, the water is off, I got it mostly mopped up, I met one of the neighbors, the van is unstuck, & I need a shower SO SO MUCH."

Is this where the record scratch goes? Is this where the voiceover, in Clint Barton's voice, says "Okay. This looks bad."? Let us rewind, then, to a few hours previous.

record scratch )

2019 goals

Jan. 2nd, 2019 07:47 pm
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they're really more ... guidelines

By which I mean that these aren't so much hard & fast 'what I will do this year' because, y'all, this is my life, there's a decent chance at basically any point that I'm gonna hafta pack up & move across the country with two weeks' warning AGAIN.

But these are the winds by which I mean to set my sails.

This year I'm gonna be:

Moving. Okay, I'm pretty firmly stuck with that one at this point.

Settling in. Because THIS TIME, FOR SURE.

Building a new website. Building the Trickster's Trash website was as much proof of concept as anything else; can I do this? The answer is YES. It's time for a new website for The Vagabond Tabby.

Doing more shows & events. I've really fallen away from doing many events the past couple years, partly cos the local SCA group isn't great, partly cos travelling with TR is TERRIBLE, partly cos there's been just too much Thing. It's been useful taking that break -- I've spent a lot of the time it's given me getting my online game to where I need it. But now I can shift my focus back to getting on the road. & pursuant to that...

Starting my tinker wagon build. I've been edging around this concept for years. I finally know more-or-less what I need. & I am too damn old to be setting up an entire damn pavilion every time I'm doing a show.

Is that enough? I think that's enough.

It'll be entertaining to see how much of it actually happens...
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i let Loiosh out in the back yard again today & FOLLOWED HIS ASS AROUND AT A DISTANCE OF NO MORE THAN FIVE FEET & that ladles & gentlemints is how my cat did not get in trouble today
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So the boy was outside cos I'm a DUMBASS & thought WHAT COULD HAPPEN well as it happens I found out.

He had his front half stuffed under one of the van seats that's stored on the porch, all I could see was his tail whipping back & forth, I figured he was messing with Major Tom but NOPE it was Baby again. I know this cos she ofc BOLTED around the house & he ofc BOLTED after her & I was like WELL SHIT HERE WE GO except this time it was the OTHER side of the house, which has a concrete wall instead of a fence.

ofc he went up the concrete wall & UNLIKE the fence on the other side this one is JUST FINE to go walking on so having forgotten Baby entirely he goes TROT TROT TROT around to the back of the neighbors' house, still up on their wall, & then hops down into THE COW FIELD BEHIND THE HOUSE

(fortunately without cows at the moment though there was a big flock of Canada Geese halfway across)

(between my yard & the cow field is chainlink so at least I can see him BUT it's high chainlink & I am Out Of Shape so getting over it is Unlikely at best)

so he's all tail in the air TROT TROT TROT THIS IS A NEW PLACE WITH SMELLS & then goes ZOOM & up a tree, which is unfortunately nowhere NEAR the fence, but at least he didn't decide to bolt across the open field after the CANADA FKN GEESE hey, with this guy I take what I can get

In the meantime I'm stacking up broken cinderblocks in a not-very-good-attempt at a staircase or something like, which gets me high enough the top of the fence is at eye level, which is ... not really an improvement. By then Himself has realized that he is on the other side of the fence from 1) his Momma 2) the back yard 3) actually everything & he's trying to figure out how to get back to all of the above.

This ofc entirely fails as expected since mostly what he did was pace back & forth & intermittently try to squeeze his nose through the 1" gap between fence & neighbor's concrete wall. He also tried putting his front paws on the fence, looking up at Momma, quiet mew, I'm all GOOD START BUT NEED ALSO BACK PAWS ON FENCE, FRONT PAWS HIGHER, BACK PAWS HIGHER, YES I MEAN CLIMB

it did not occur to him to CLIMB THE CHAINLINK FENCE




I was considering trying to climb the neighbors' wall (slightly shorter than chainlink fence, also not poky at top) when I remembered a Thing, which is that the neighbors' wall has a DOOR IN THE BACK that OPENS ONTO THE COW FIELD *cue choir of angels singing*

so there I am knocking on the neighbors' door, trying to make it loud enough to hear without being Cop Knock, & being very grateful that I'd already met them a bunch of times so at least they know who I am.

I explain to them that my cat is an IDIOT & could I please use their door to retrieve him. They were very gracious & the guy came & worked the latch for me cos it sticks, & I think he was Very Amused when he got the door open & I strode towards Loiosh saying YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE YOUNG MAN

Loiosh comes over all TROT TROT TROT tail in the air HI MOMMA & I picked him up & held him upside down in my arms like a baby & told him YOU ARE GROUNDED & my neighbors now think I am Very Strange

(to be fair they probably already did)

so I thanked them a lot & brought the boy back inside & he is passed out in the cat bed on the desk, THE END

cats & fae

Dec. 3rd, 2018 04:03 pm
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I wrote this on FB FIVE YEARS AGO & I've been on-and-off looking for it since then; today it popped up in my FB Memories & I am SO glad, cos it was AWESOME.
I dreamt that I was brought to the Faerie Court. No, not little winged sprites on mushrooms, this was the Sidhe, the ones who'll take you under the hill for a night of dancing and return you a hundred years later, or kill you as soon as look at you.

The King of Faerie told me that Loiosh (who had, of course, come along too) was a fae cat, and that he could never belong with a human, but only with a faerie princess. I told him he'd better figure out a way to make me a faerie princess, then, because Loiosh is my baby and I'm his Momma, and the rest of the world can just cope with that.

...which is about when I woke up; likely for the best, because I'm pretty sure my next move would've been to kick the King of Faerie square in the nuts, grab Loiosh, and run like hell, and I suspect _that_ would have ended poorly.

The comments were about 50/50 'KATE WRITE THAT' & 'WELL HE'D HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME FIRST' so I'm glad to know if the King of Faerie DID try to take my boy I'd have some backup.

...not that I wouldn't kick him square in the nuts all alone if I hadda, cos Loiosh is my boy & I'm his Momma, & that's THAT.

...come to think of it, it was only AFTER that dream that I started doing things like make friends with squirrels...
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Long ago when Loiosh was an obsteperous, pain-in-the-ass kitten (as opposed to an obsteperous, pain-in-the-ass grownup cat), he REALLY loved Samson, one of my other cats. They'd cuddle & Samson would wash kitten!Loiosh & it was Terribly Cute.

They stayed close as Loiosh grew up, & one of Loiosh'sa favourite things to do was creep up to Samson, making himself all small, & tuck his head under Samson's to ask for headkisses. Samson, being a patient sort, would inevitably oblige him. It led to killing & recriminations as often as not, cats being cats, but Loiosh really loved getting hieadkisses.

After Samson passed, Loiosh would occasionally ask Chocolate for headkisses. Chocolate, being a crankier sort & never as fond as the interloper as Samson was, didn't always oblige him. Sometimes there were headkisses. Sometimes there was biting. But Loiosh still got headkisses enough he felt it was worth asking -- ears tucked down, hunkered down to be as small as he could be, he'd tuck his head under Chocolate's.

Since Chocolate passed, Loiosh hasn't been getting headkisses at all. I stroke his head in the spot, but it's clearly not the same. I've seen him ask Hades for headkisses a couple times, but it's been clear that Hades doesn't know what Loiosh is after. They snuggle, & there's affection, but Loiosh has still been missing headkisses.

Until just now, when Loiosh caught Hades mid-wash, & Hades figured it out. Loiosh got a couple minutes of nicely vigorous headkisses, just now, & he is SO happy. Hades has already fallen asleep, but Loiosh is still purring & still making blinky eyes at him. Loiosh's headfur is disarranged & damp & he is just. The HAPPIEST cat.

My happy boy. <3
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So my SHITHEAD CAT got himself in trouble earlier (he's fine NOW)

Anyway Diana slipped out, & the easiest way to get her back inside is just leave the damn door open until she gets tired of it, so Loiosh was outside, which is usually kind of okay because he hasn't been a dorkus lately. She finally came in, so I went looking for Loiosh, who was on top of one of the fallen-over fence bits, getting hissed at by Baby, the neighbor's cat, who was UNDER the fence bits.

I told him to cut it out. He ignored me.

I walked over, telling Baby it's okay, I'm just gonna get him so you can be safe, don't run, so of course she runs, & ofc Loiosh runs after her. She goes over the fence to the neighbor's yard. Loiosh goes up the fence & ... gets stuck.

(He was raised by dogs, okay.)

So there he is on top of a post. Next to it on one side is a section of wood privacy fence; the other side is corrgugated metal. He can't walk on either of those. There's not really a clear space to jump down, & he's caution about jumping down anyway since he broke his knee, so he's stuck. Did I mention there's a bunch of bushes right up against the fence?

So I'm just like, come on, ya idjit, just jump or climb or something, I'm not coming to get you out of this.

Which is when he notices the neighbor's ROOF is just like two feet up & a foot over from where he is.


So I push my way through the bushes & climb the fence. Low crosspiece to short post section to taller post section & hanging on to the TALLEST post section. I had to kick my slippers off cos the posts are just 3x3 inches cross section & there's barely room for toes. So there I am in sock feet, hanging onto the tall post section & the neighbor's roof.

Loiosh REFUSES to come within my reach because the sun is warm & he's on a ROOF & it is AWESOME MOM THIS IS FUN, he's all TROT TROT TROT around the roof with his tail in the air, I'm hanging onto a fence post waiting for my neighbor to come out to see what's going on.

(Did I mention he'd poofed his tail when he was chasing Baby? It was still poofed.)

In the meantime Hades comes over WHAT'S GOING ON & tries to climb the wall, only the convenient place to start is MY FOOT, so I holler & Hades MIRACLE HERE lets go & makes sadface. I'm still waiting for the neighbor & trying to figure out how to explain this IN SPANISH.

Loiosh is STILL NO HELP & by this time is on the OTHER side of the roof where I CANNOT SEE HIM.

About then RM (who I'd sent off to find, in order, some cat treats, a camera, & a ladder) returns with the cat treats. She shakes the treats. Loiosh runs to the part of the roof near her. Hades BOLTS through the undergrowth TREATS TREATS TREATS

There's a wall-mounted swamp cooler a decent distance below the edge of the roof for Loiosh to jump down onto, but nooooooooooo. In the meantime Hades is just about climbing RM's leg, because TREATS TREATS TREATS TREATS TREATS, I've headdesked onto the roof (headroofed?) & am just laughing my ASS of because THIS IS MY LIFE, I LIVE HERE NOW

RM walks down the (dirt) path towards me, VERY carefully, cos she isn't wearing shoes & we live in the Land of Goatheads. The shakey-treat noise lures Hades along the path after her, & Major Tom comes around the corner TREATS TREATS

Loiosh is still all ROOF SUN YAY


Anyways he finally comes over & headbonks my hand vigorously. I pet him twice, get a grip around his middle, & swing around to ... uh ... what'm I gonna do with this cat, anyway? I can't climnb down one-handed. RM hasn't got shoes on. & there are bushes everywhere.

Did I mention that I was holding Loiosh with one hand under his belly, cos I needed the other one to hang onto the post whie I turned around?

So he's getting wiggly. Not TOO wiggly, there's a lot of DOWN right under him. Of course this means he's eventually gonna try to use me for a ladder, so. I pick a clearish spot, dangle him over it, & let go.

He lands right neatly & hurries off because TREATS TREATS TREATS TREATS TREATS (come to think of it half the wiggling was probably because of TREATS)

I climb back down with EXTREME caution & dig around for my slippers. Which are buried in about six inches of leaves. Covered in leaves. Filled with leaves. I put em the hell back on & hack my way out of the bushes. Loiosh is still gobbling down treats. I decide to be nice & wait til he's done. which point I pick him up BY THE SCRUFF, cradle him upside down in my arms like a baby, & explain to him in GREAT DETAIL that he is GROUNDED FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

He's now sulking on the couch, the end.
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On the Crust of an Unfinished Planet, a poem just published today by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, continues the hopepunk theme with a new superhera named Hopepunk & also a general theme of recovery from the ashes:
By teaching each other, the refugees
felt less like victims of circumstance
and more like competent adults.

It didn't matter that they walked
on the crust of an unfinished planet,
only that they walked together.

Go ye & read, her work is always worth the time.
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Started with One Atom of Justice, One Molecule of Mercy, and the Empire of Unsheathed Knives, a post about hopepunk, by Alexandra Rowland, the originator of the term.
"In July of 2017, I coined the word “hopepunk,” initially defined very simply in a Tumblr post: “The opposite of grimdark is hopepunk. Pass it on.” When asked to clarify, I wrote: “The essence of grimdark is that everyone’s inherently sort of a bad person and does bad things, and that’s awful and disheartening and cynical. It’s looking at human nature and going, ‘The glass is half empty. ‘Hopepunk says, ‘No, I don’t accept that. Go fuck yourself: The glass is half full.’"

Which I managed to immediately follow with [personal profile] mdlbear's Songs for Saturday post today, The Mary Ellen Carter.
"It's not about making me feel better. That doesn't work. It's about making me feel defiant enough to damned well get up and keep going anyway."

I'd managed to ... not forget the song, as such, but I hadn't remembered how much it's ... ugh, I can only call it an anthem of defiant hope, which might maybe sound kind of cheesy but fuck that, it's really hopepunk.

So now I'm playing Stan Rogers' version on repeat & making beautiful jewelry out of trash, because fuck you, that's why.

in this case what i mean by that is 'jewelry made out of trash'

...come to think of it, 'because fuck you that's why' really might just be another way to say 'hopepunk'.
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when the world is terrible • your laptop hung before you could hit ‘save’ • the sauce burned WHILE YOU WERE STIRRING IT • & the cat hurled in your shoes

it’s time to apply protocol: ferocious self-care

• 1 tablespoon tea for an average size mug

• heat water to just boiling

• steep for 10-15 minutes

• add honey if you like

• drink with great joy

ingredients • chamomile • borage • lemon balm • roses • lavender

size • .5 oz • 15 mL

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

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like SERIOUSLY the world is SO FULL of NOPE • sometimes you just gotta chill • prolly won’t make you nap • it’ll just help you chill

• 1 tablespoon tea for an average size mug

• heat water to just boiling

• steep for 10-15 minutes

• add honey if you like

• drink with great joy

ingredients • wild lettuce • coltsfoot • skullcap • damiana • lavender

size • .5 oz • 15 mL

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

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look, i’m not saying that ninth slice of pizza was a GOOD idea • but i don’t think you should suffer for it, either • if you were gonna learn your lesson you probably would have already • lbr i haven’t

this also goes for tacos, fast food burgers, your great-uncle’s meatloaf, & fried-just-about-anything

• 1 tablespoon tea for an average size mug

• heat water to just boiling

• steep for 10-15 minutes

• add honey if you like

• drink with great joy

ingredients • spearmint • chamomile • fennel seed

size • .5 oz • 15 mL

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed


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