Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Schwinking from Andrea Chandler's hold the line thing (link is from Patreon & may be locked, alas). As she puts it:

Inspired by Ursula Vernon's "Hold the Line" journal, I thought I would try something similar -- a catalog of mundane acts of sustenance. I know a lot of us are worried about the future right now. Not all of us can take to the streets, not all of us can raise an army... But we can all do something to sustain ourselves and our families. To provide our daily bread for the soul, as it were.

ANYWAY there's not a lot I can do to fix the world. Yanno? I can't call my congressman (I do send emails & such, but they don't count as much because ableism). I can't organize demonstrations (though I can march in em); I can't even organize a small local group to resist because I don't _know_ enough people, locally, who I know would be safe to ask.

...emotionally, yes, pretty fragile.

But what I can do is hold the line. Keep the woodstove stoked. Feed my roommate when she can't cope with food. Encourage my people when they need encouraging, cheer them on when they Do the Thing, offer hugs when things are shitty. Repost, reblog, retweet, spread the word. That's what I can do.

So today I made a breakfast & stuck it in my roommate's face when she woke up. (This is acceptable to her, she doesn't wake up mean.) I went outside & brought her with me; I schlepped wood until one log rack on the front porch was full & the other was half-full. I broke & cut smaller branches up until I had a box of small fire-starting bits & a box of bigger get-the-fire-going bits. I'm usually the one who starts the fire in the morning, & a handful of tiny twigs & another of bigger pieces has proved very useful.

I cut some wood, not much, with the handsaw -- a couple SMALL pieces with my right hand, since my right shoulder has had STRONG opinions about the stack of wood I cut last week without warming up, & one board with my left hand, so my left shoulder doesn't also form Opinions. (Slightly to my own surprise I am catching on to sawing with my off hand MUCH faster than I'd anticipated. By which I mean I got through an entire board without having to give up & do the rest another day.)

Dharma got out the chainsaw & cut up some big chunks, which we're short of. Since she's been having some Unfortunate Emotional Crap with someone, this was, I think, a good choice. Also she was smart enough to stop before she got tired.

I fed our cats & also the neighborhood not-actually-too-feral, Major Tom. He's actually been using the house we made him on the back porch, so I know he's got at least one warm safe place to sleep. I'd love to lure him inside, but for now he's got food & occasional warms, & he let me work on the abcess behind his ear a month or so back, so he's at least semi-amenable to medical treatment. It'll do.

Did some dishes, made some massage oils for the event this weekend. Dharma made lunch & dinner so we've both eaten well today. She took a long bath, & I kept hauling more hot water in for her -- the tub is cast iron, so it takes a LOT to warm it up proper.

We take care of each other. Some days, like today, that's about all we can manage. It's enough.


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