Jan. 10th, 2017

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Yesterday was the #DayAgainstDenial protest in Albuquerque (& all over the country -- there were a LOT of them). Some of the speakers were good, one was whiteguy manplainey. Then we marched, me with my drum to keep the rhythm & my boy in my back basket:


The chants were somewhat erratic but heartfelt & the signs were GREAT. I need a way to strap my doumbek to me so I'm not holding its entire weight in my left arm. My shoulders hurt a LOT when I was done.

We ended the march right in front of Conchita's Cafe, which I hadn't had a chance to get to yet, so we rewarded the boy for his patience with sour cream:


This was his third protest. He's getting pretty good at them!

Then we went home & I basically went to bed at, like, 2:30. I hadn't realized how chilled I was & it took me like an hour to warm up. Fortunately I hadn't planned anything else for the day -- if I'm doing a protest, that's the _only_ thing I schedule on that day, because yes, I can march, & yes, it takes a LOT out of me. I got up long enough to have dinner & a HOThot bath, climbed back in bed, & was so deep asleep this morning it took me five minutes to remember how to operate my body _after_ I'd opened my eyes.
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One of my weekly rituals is a clearing of the decks -- I catch up on email, get the week's sales (if any) properly recorded, figure out what I've got planned for the next week, & generally clean & straighten. It gives me a pretty clean slate for the rest of the week, & I just deal with life much better if my Things are in their Places.

I usually do this on Mondays, but yesterday was the protest (& naught else), so clearing the decks got rescheduled to today, & that's what I did. It's a methodical sort of thing, going through the steps, & most of it doesn't require a lot of brain cells, which is kind of nice.

I try to take some time during the day to finish a small project or two, as well. Today I finished cleaning the old label gunk off of the tester bottle of my Long Day Fighting muscle rub; some of the oil had spilled & the label wasn't looking terribly professional. I put the new labels on & the small sticker that says 'tester'; in a couple days, once I'm quite sure everything has stuck properly, I'll add some clearcoat just to keep the label looking nice longer. The testers get bounced around a lot, travelling to one show or another.

I also got a load of laundry done & hung up, & wrote a letter (handwritten! a physical letter!) to a friend, because sometimes that's a pretty fun thing.

I'm pretty pleased with the day. I got a lot of things done & out of the way, leaving a clean slate for what I've got going the rest of the week.


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