Jan. 17th, 2017

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& also forgetting to post for, like, days.

Cut wood, schlep wood. Cut wood, schlep wood. Looked at bow saws, but all of them are built for people with bigger thands than me -- & I don't have small paws. This makes me cranky.

Made a lot of soap. Got a bunch of pictures taken, & posted a couple new things to the shop -- pinon resin & juniper berries, which I'm selling as incense ingredients, though there are lots of other things you can use em for. More pictures to edit & post, little by little.

I'm getting the new set of shelves painted & put up -- I should get pictures & post all that, actually. My living space is slowly becoming nicer.

Today I pretty much sat over my roommate & said okay, do this computer thing you haven't been getting round to doing, now call this guy, now do that thing. It's not that she doesn't wanna; she's just got PTSD, three years' worth of backlog paperwork, & a brain that's intermittently made of cream cheese. I'm working on helping her dig out, & in the process figure systems of Doing the Things that work for her.

It's a slow process -- there's a LOT to dig out -- & we're different enough that a lot of the systems that work for me aren't gonna work for her, or aren't the best. But some of them are better than nothing, & I know lots of other systems to try. It turns out 'make system that works' is a specialty of mine, & a damned useful one.

Tomorrow we're gonna take on her desk. This will not involve her sitting at her desk, because her desk is still not a good headspace for her. Which is SO TOTALLY not what would work for me. But (& here is the tricky thing!) she is not me, & therefore different things will work!

(In fact, I'm thinking of advising her to get rid of the desk, or at least use it only for flat-surface things like packaging orders, & get a fancy Victorian fainting couch to use for her command center. Because she works as well in 'comfy chair with laptop on lap' as I do 'at desk with laptop on desk'.)

(Because we are not the same people.)

(Also, Victorian fainting couch, just sayin.)


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