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note mostly to self: still gotta send the ACLU $20 & that'll be finished

but NOW i am sending all the donations from people buying my jewelry to the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, which has their center right here in Albuquerque.

i wanted to support something smaller & more local than the ACLU; they're fine & all, & also they are already getting a zillion bucks from all over the country, basically they're doing p okay these days

but trans people? we're still getting thrown under the bus on the regular. i've heard too many stories this weekend about Pride stuff that stopped after the LG & forgot the BT, nevermind the Q, A, & everyone else. trans people still take way too much shit.

& the TGRCNM is RIGHT HERE. like they're having a nonbinary support group thing tomorrow night & i might go. they probably get like thirty-four cents in donations a month & what i might be able to scrape up for them is likely to make an actual difference. (okay I'm p sure they're getting more than than but even so.)

so today i did all the tedious editingstuff i needed to do to get that going (& now my eyes are sort of crossing, ow)

anyway if you want pretties made out of trash & shit & also want to support trans folk in New Mexico in a semi-direct sort of way y'all head over here, i'm tryna post a new piece every week or so, it'll be AWESOME


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