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* book review: The World of Chaucer (for the Ironstar, the local SCA newsletter)

* book review: Daily Life in the Middle Ages and Daily Life in the Late Middle Ages (also for the Ironstar; very different books, both interesting, but it'll be a cool compare & contrast)

* book review: Gonne Porn book (for the Ironstar, and for the Compagnie mailing list)

* name project: Names from Dorset, 1453-1460 (had a couple people look at it and it's pretty good, but I need to try to sort out what more of the names mean)

* name project: Given Names from Les noms des Juifs de France au Moyen Age (I'll be collecting the data using Microsoft Access, not because I think it's a great program, but because learning how to use it will be a Good Job Thing)

* name project: Given Names from Etymologisches Worterbuch der Deutschen Familiennamen: A Sampling (since entering the whole thing is quite literally going to take me years, I'm going to stop at the end of the B names and get the article out. And then revise it every once in a while, as I add more names.)

* learning: read through all the tutorials in Corel Draw, especially the ones about using colour

* learning: read through all the tutorials in Corel PhotoPaint

* learning: one of the temp agencies I'm registered with has a lot of free online training stuff; I ain't stupid, so I'm going to take advantage of it

* arts/web project: updating my Russian Embroidery web page from a gazillion years ago, with all-new scans

* learning: find a good HTML tutorial and read through the whole thing

* learning: find a good shell script tutorial and read the whole thing

* article: revise and send off 'seeds' article for Witchvox

I know I'm missing things, too...

Why do I set all these tasks for myself JUST WHEN I'VE GOT A JOB?

Afore y'all get too excited: It's a temp job. But possibly temp-to-hire, so. I'm hopin.


* do herbal stuff for a baby-shower-oid thing for someone non-LJ-enabled (at least not to my knowledge)


Dec. 9th, 2005 09:20 pm
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Looks like once again, I'm not gonna do A&S Champions...


For Torin:

Oct. 27th, 2005 05:02 pm
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Though you probably already have it...but it's cool.

Really old enamel stuff


Oct. 10th, 2005 01:51 pm
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That pretty much describes the weekend.

Friday night was dinner with Jodi at a lovely little Mexican place called Tortilla Flat. We only got a little wet going in, but on the way back out to the car it was raining pretty hard. What with the chill and the big drops of rain and the fact that I was feeling like crap already, I was about shaking by the time we got back to the car.

Getting home helped with that, and we packed up for the weekend, and went to bed early. To little avail; I didn't sleep a lot, again, and waking up at 5:30 was...unpleasant. We packed Christina and Alis and [ profile] amykb in the van and headed south, and I slept nearly the entire ride.

Site was...wet. And troll wasn't open yet, as the troll hadn't shown up; the poor deputy autocrat was busily trying to run troll without half of what she needed. She did okay, and we got trolled in.

[ profile] fosveny disappeared to the unbelts meeting and I helped Gwenllian get the consult table set up. Things were pretty quiet for a while, then the fencers moved into the building we were in because it was just too damn wet outside. Which was nice; we had something to watch without it being too loud. The heavy fighters were outside, though.

[ profile] amykb wound up pulling an A&S display basically out of her butt; we have no idea who was supposed to run it, or if anyone even had been assigned to. It went pretty well, though. I put my braies in, and Christina put in her hood.

I'd forgotten my pattens, by the way...I wasn't going to wear my shoes without my pattens, and I wasn't about to wear by chausses without my I ran around in a tunic and my shorts all day. Barefoot, mostly. I felt like a git, but all my other options were worse. Really, I felt crappy enough, especially earlier in the day, that I thought about just going _back_ out to the van to sleep.


But it wasn't so bad, really. I stayed inside for nearly the whole day. I did some heraldry, and spun some buffalo fur that Evil Kirsten handed me. (Using a pen for a spindle, as I hadn't anything else...) Christina announced that she was sick of not having anything to do as deputy exchequer, so she wanted to learn heraldry instead. I taught her basic blazon stuff, and she picked it up _really_ quickly, especially given how scattered I was teaching...Gwenllian taught her some basic conflict checking stuff, too, and she seems pretty enthused. I'm gonna recommend to Britt that she take her as a deputy.

I got to hang out with [ profile] chargirlgenius and meet Henry and [ profile] jljonsn and [ profile] alienor and [ profile] melaniesuzanne, and I hope I wasn't babbling so badly I scared the latter three off. Henry's way cute, though.

Missed part of court for shopping, since the rain had finally slowed. Indulged in retail therapy involving blue/purple mugs and a bowl. Almost bought a whole lot of cool wood stuff from Spanish Peacock, but didn't, owing to lack of cash. Got back to court in time to watch Marietta da Firenze get a Silver Crescent. Helped clean up some afterwards (the only thing I did to help out D&R, I'm afraid) and then we packed up and headed out.

The hotel sucked, and that's all I'm sayin'. Breakfast was fine once we got there. Home, and catching up on a few computer things, and then much napping. And then sleep. Gods, I was tired. Still am. Might nap this afternoon, though some writing is actually happening so maybe not...
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- Talk to the guy about the cat shelter article, and start sending out query letters.

- Finish up Pairs and send it out, finish the dragon short story and send it out, start getting ready for next NaNoWriMo.

- Rewrite all the documentation for what's already done, and print out and file a couple copies of each.

- Finish all the garb I have cut out, and (while I'm doing it, not afterwards!) document all of that, too.

- Make more linen tunics and undies so I don't ever have to wear Russian stuff again Evar Evar.

- Finish commentary on Eastern letter.

- Start commenting at Laurel, and ask [ profile] baronadhemar if that can go in the SquidPak.

- Keep writing useful articles for the Herald's Cry, and mini-articles for the EK Herald's list.

- Keep writing articles for the Ironstar.

- Work on 'how to pick a name' article for TI, and put together a class handout and teacher notes for same.

- Write my assigned story for the polyficathon.

- Finish the name subs I've been kicking around.
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It's only just now occurred to me that perhaps I ought to bring documentation for some of my stuff to Pennsic, so that I can put it in the A&S display...

This says something, but I'm not sure what.

Possibly 'it's all in KWord anyway which I don't bloody have installed so uh'.

Okay, so I _do_ have KWord installed. *sighs* There goes that excuse...

I don't know, though. It's all...just tunics, and chausses, and a cote, and nothing spectacular and nothing people haven't seen a gazillion times. So...maybe, if I feel like it, and then maybe not.

Edit: all of my documentation sucks rocks and needs to be rewritten. To heck with it. Sometime after War.
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And lo! [ profile] fosveny did say, make me garb, for I needeth such, and so it was done, and he saw it to be good.

Okay, not really. But he _did_ say 'y'know, I know I have enough garb to get through Pennsic, but I really want enough _authentic_ garb to make it through Pennsic. I know you don't like using the machine, but I don't mind the thing. Can you cut some stuff out for me, and I'll sew it up? I'll even try using the linen thread in the machine.'

I can deal with that. Though I think I'm going to ask him to hold off on finishing the seams, so I can do that by hand later. Maybe get him to help some, too; we'll have all winter.

So now I have cut out and ready to sew:

1 red wool hood, fulled up pretty thick
1 red linen tunic
1 blue linen tunic (very light fabric, will probably be really comfortable)
1 maroon silk noil tunic (I know, but it's a smooth enough silk noil that it'll look like a light wool sorta)

And I will likely be cutting out:

1 or 2 red wool tunics, out of summerweight wool
several linen undertunics, either out of the 5.5 I have now, or 3.5 if we can find it at Jo-Mar this weekend.

I still have for myself:

1 pr. blue wool full hosen (cut, not started)
1 cote, maroon wool lined in yellow linen (cut except for collar, sewn up to the point where I need to put in the collar)
1 cote, blue wool with white linen lining, lovely 3.5 (cut, not started; not even going to try it for Pennsic)
1 demi-houp, blue wool with red linen lining (mostly cut, still need to finish sleeve pattern; not even going to try it for Pennsic)

I still want to cut out for myself, and finish before Pennsic:

several (likely 3) linen undertunics, as above

I'm nuts. Right?


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