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so before we could even leave for the event we hadda do something about the trailer, because it was in Pitlike Condition

there were shelfbits not being used so we Did a Thing

photo by Beth Brillante, Valkyre Productions

it is all organizey, i like that

photo by Beth Brillante, Valkyre Productions

the shelves sort of bent on the way to the event but didn’t actually fall over til we had it unloaded, so hey, that was pretty good

the site is very pretty & has TREES i like that part

photo by Dharma Fuller

also an obelisk, which, okay, i guess it’s an al-Barran thing

photo by Christian Brillante

this dude got a list-legal rattan banjo & also some twinkies, because THAT was perfect

(if this is a reference you do not get, you might enjoy watching Zombieland, it is low-scary & low-gross as zombie movies go)

photo by Kate Reña

i found a tiny moth

photo by Kate Reña

also there were of course cats, here is Obligatory Boys Snuggling On Bed Pic

photo by Christian Brillante

Minion with Cat

photo by Christian Brillante

Other Minion, with Other Cat

photo by Dharma Fuller

Other Other Minion, with Stubborn Stake & Most Excellent Expression ZOMG

photo by Dharma Fuller

admittedly the thing WAS pretty stuck

photo by Dharma Fuller

eventually we got the thing out (& by ‘we’ i mean ‘the minions’) & we finished packing & went home

as it turns out having minions means that at the end of the event, i am tired? but not entirely exhausted?

also that i am achy? but not in agony?


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Of course we went to the Grand Canyon, it’s the Grand Canyon.

The boy was as impressed as usual, which is to say ‘big hole in the ground I can’t even poop in, whatevs’.

He did, however, have an opinion about the elk. & that opinion was NO.

He also had some thoughts on the wind, & being held when he didn’t want to be _in_ said wind.

Did I mention elk, though?

They were RIGHT THERE.

Also, elk butt.

Fine, mom, I’ll look at the big hole in the ground.

…it’s worth looking at.

Mom! Done now!

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I was hoping to do a really great Estrella post with lost of pictures, but apparently I mostly got pictures of the boys.

Boys sleeping in the van on the way there:

Boys sleeping in the tent:

Here, though, is a picture of an Excellent Dogger:

The boys sleeping on the van one cold night (yes, Chocolate is curled into an arch shape & sleeping on his face):

Also they spent a lot of time sleeping in the booth:

First thing up, last thing down:




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So, okay, there was this event. We showed up in the dark and the rain, and [ profile] fosveny and [ profile] giselle0002 kindly set up camp while [ profile] baronadhemar and [ profile] fritzi plied me with hot chocolate and not-thingies. There was some laughter and some memories of Pam (frequently intertwined) and then I went to get my new boom-stick and show it off. Shortly after that I went the hell to bed.

Somehow I slept until 1 the next afternoon. I'm not entirely sure how; although I do remember waking up a few times, listening to the rain, and thinking, 'it's dry in here'. And going back to sleep.

Lunch was out when I got up and I feasted on that for a while. Hung out with a couple people, eventually went shopping, bought a few things. I'm sure some other stuff happened in there but I don't remember a one of them.

Then there was court, except that before court was some foosball, and foosball is a happy thing, though I'm no good at it sober, I'm afraid...

Most of court was la la la people I don't know and then they called up Sam and I was so proud. Also, I walked him up there before he could run away or something. It was a happy Silver-Crescent-giving and he got three medallions and if I'd had a brain cell I mighta given him one too. But, oh well.

Then there was showering (for there wouldn't be a chance again for far too long), and snuggling of kittens. Cute, fuzzy, snuggly kittens. Kinda scared at first but got used to people real fast. They both have homes and I'm quite happy for them.

Then there was dinner, at an Eat N Park. Good basic food in a warm dry place. Just what I needed after getting (did I mention) rained on all damn day.

Then there was a party for Sam, and then there was a lot of sleeping, but really not enough, what with getting up at 5AM and all.

But, that comes later.


Oct. 29th, 2005 12:03 pm
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Feeding a cat who doesn't want to eat and who doesn't like me, when all I have is dry food, is not my idea of a good time.

However, I seem to be getting good at it...


Oct. 26th, 2005 10:12 pm
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I feel like Hitler.

Samson escaped from the bathroom again yesterday night, and I decided that that was just plain not gonna work. Since I'd captured him several times yesterday fairly easily, I thought that I could possibly just keep catching him and giving him his medicine twice a day.

No dice. I didn't see him the rest of the evening, nor most of today.

I caught him this afternoon and brought him upstairs to my room, figuring I'd keep him in here and move Miki into the bedroom for the week. Yeah, good theory. I have a single bed in here, up on risers, and we keep one of our camping futons wedged neath it. Well, Samson wedged himself between the futon and the bed, don't ask me how, and I couldn't even _find_ him, much less let him out.

Eventually he must have gotten up the nerve to leave, because I caught himgoing up the basement stairs later on -- Lewis on his way home from work, dinner on the stove; fortunately at a state where I could leave it alone for a while. Which I did, and caught Samson, and put him back in the bathroom, holding him in temprarily with a wooden shelf wedging the door shut.

_That_ was entertaining to get back into afterwards, let me tell you.

I got his evening antibiotics into him, at least, but he was just so scared -- all hunched up, cringing away from me, crying some. I _hate_ this. Hates it, hates it we does, O yes Precious.


Right now he's in the big cat carrier. He's got a reasonable amount of space -- well, for a carrier, anyway. There's a small litterbox in the back and enough floor left over for him to stretch out a bit. I put a nice thick towel down, so he doesn't have to lay on the plastic. And I put a little food and water holder on the door so they're not taking up more space.

Five minutes in that, and he's clawing to get out, and has already knocked over his water once. His towel's wet and I had to replace it. I don't want him lying on a wet towel, or in his own litterbox, and I'm worried he'll hurt himself trying to get out.

I don't know what else to do, though...

I'm hoping that we can get Lewis's room clean enough that we can put Samson in there without fear of him trashing things, or wedging himself into something I can't get him out of. That's gonna be a big job, though, and Lewis just wasn't up to it after he got home from work tonight.

Tomorrow, I hope.

Poor guy.


Oct. 25th, 2005 05:53 pm
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I got up a bit late today, and took Samson to the vet. That went okay, but he's got tooth issues and will be on antibiotics for a while. Since he's one of my Wussy Cats, that means confining him somewhere. Up until very recently that was the bathroom...I guess it's time to think of something else.

Spent a long time working on this post, which I'd actually started last night. I'm semi-pleased with it. I think I'm going to do more meta-writing like that, on the theory that at least it's practice. Also, people might think it's cool enough that they start reading my LJ, and then I can do a web page with a weekly column and get people to subscribe to it, and then I can publish a compilation of my columns and make wads of money.

Okay, it's a theory.

It's been a long, rainy, somewhat dreary day. I decided to pamper myself and took a shower with the oatmeal-lily-mango soap I got from Peyton at Crown Tourney. Nice, nice stuff. I think I'm going to use 'cool-smelling' soaps more often - they're a not-expensive way to feel better about things. I _like_ smelling nice stuff, and I like the way the soap works. I've got a couple other cool-smelling soaps I want to dig out, too.

I have recaptured the Samson, and he is re-ensconced in the bathroom, with a surprising amount of petting allowed in transit. I still think I'm gonna wind up having to put him somewhere else, though.

Now I'm sitting here clean, in clean clothing, with clean hair, and everything smells _nice_ and I'm loving it. I'm surrounded by my rats and my cats and it's raining and cold outside, but it's nice and warm in here. I've got a couple of candles lit and good music on. I'm _writing_ again - nothing earthshattering, nothing that's going to make me wads of money, but ... stuff. Something.

There's been a lot of bad stuff over the last while and yeah, I've really been a mess at times. There was a lot of crying yesterday. Today is better. Tomorrow might be crappy again, and I expect a lot more crappy before I'm done the mental-rearrangement I've been working on, and figure out for sure where I'm going. But I'll take today, and tomorrow can take care of itself.
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So I hear a bunch of squeaking, and I turn around to see that Siegfried (the big rat) and Reinhart (the little rat) are wrestling, and Siegfried has pinned Reinhart on his back, and Reinhart is squeaking indignantly...

...mostly because Siegfried is busily _washing_ him.

They're in the same cage now, and appear to be getting along Just Fine. It was amusing - the cage and some of the things in it are new to both of them (though I also put in a bit of each of their used bedding, and their preferred sleeping-places). So they both spent about the first ten minutes running around and looking at new things, completely ignoring each other. It was hysterical.

So, things are gonna be okay.

I'm so glad I got Siegfried a brother.


I went walking tonight -- just up to the store and back, but I'd forgotten how much I _like_ walking at night. Especially on a crisp cool fall night, with a full moon and the scent of leaves in the air...


Then I made fettuccini alfredo By Myself for the First Time Ever. It was good...and so damn easy, I don't know why I didn't learn it years ago. 'Course then, the last time I tried it I messed it up, and I don't know how I did that, either.

The more I learn to cook, the more _independant_ I am that way, the happier I am, too.


Took Chocolate to the vet today. I was supposed to bring Samson and Taltos too, but well...didn't happen. They're _fast_.

Chocolate rode in a pillowcase, because I could _not_ get him in the damn carrier. Until he freaked out in the pillowcase, but he was in the car by then, so I let him out and he sat in my lap, fairly happily.

Turns out that the vet had a few minor emergencies this morning, so two fewer cats to deal with was a goodness. I met one of the emergencies, a mastiff with a broken leg. Two hundred pounds of _dog_. He was so big, Chocolate didn't hiss at him. I think he thought he was a horse. Sweet dog, though.


Tomorrow I think I'm gonna take a mental day off and go hike on the Trail or somewhere for a while. Then, Serenity, either with Jodi or by myself, depending.
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Earlier today, my rat unplugged my mouse. There's something about that, somehow...

I now have two rats. I picked up Reinhart from Brynn last night; he's tiny and cute and very snuggly and there will be pictures soon. There have been exploratory nose-sniffings but I'm not going to really introduce them until tomorrow. I also picked up a 20-gallon tank last night, so they'll have plenty of space.

Right now, Reinhart is curled up in the breast pocket of my flannel, quite asleep.


The ride up to Crown was...wet. Euw. I didn't get a lot of sleep that night in the hotel, so Saturday morning was painful, though everyone else was kind and let me sleep in. Even so, when I got on site I felt like I had a I napped in the Royal Room for half an hour.

The rest of the day was much better. The _sun_ came out and wow, was that a good thing. If it hadn't, I'd probably be in the car right now, heading away from _here_ until I found the sun...

Hung out with too many people to name. Not as much time with any of them as I wanted. Memorable moments include the 'household meeting' on the log, drooling over Sichel with [ profile] siobhan1214, telling Darius about the rainbow (he missed seeing it), buying a bead for the express purpose of leaving it as a token with the embroidered Pelican medallion in the A&S display...done by a seven year old...

The finals I did get bored after a while; I know enough about fighting that the first bout was interesting, but after that...

It was amazing, though. They fought whole bouts without swinging a blow. Lucan would shift his sword a little, as if to say 'I could hit you here', and Brion would move his shield a bit to say 'But I could block you like this', and they'd both nod a little and relax.

Eventually, though, we did get bored, and then my legs started hurting, and really I should have gone somewhere and sat down, but it was the finals of Crown...

Two _hours_.

I helped some with court, but not a lot; there wasn't a lot of stage and too many people on it. I was more useful during breakdown, which was fine, really. I'd rather do that stuff, anyway. Fewer people looking at me.

Didn't get a chance to say bye to [ profile] baronadhemar; sorry, boss! But we gotta talk about [ profile] faghagula's augmentation, and soon.

We ate (far too much) at a Bennigan's on the way home, and then drove and drove and drove and when we got home I got out of the van and went upstairs and went to bed.

It was a long day, but overall a good one.


However, I should have stayed awake long enough to make sure that the catnip I bought from Peyton stayed out in the van until I was ready to deal with it. Wups. Well, it's not like the cats can OD on the stuff.

She sells an anti-scarring cream that's _really_ nice. :) Also, there was oatmeal-something-mango soap.


Yesterday I slept the hell in. Then Lewis drove to the airport to fly down to Cocoa Beach for work. Then I did the rounds - stopped to visit my mom, which was lovely. She's much more fun to hang out with now that I'm not working for her. Helped with painting, hauled air conditioners, did some chainsawing, had dinner.

Thence to Brynn's to pick up Reinhart. Oh my god, a whole room full of cute friendly rats from tiny-tiny to big and grown up. I had fun. :)

I had the worst time picking - the whole litter I was choosing from were adorable and snuggly. I finally picked Reinhart because, though they were all trying to get out of the cage, he was the only one who was jumping straight up in the air in his attempts.

Also, he's got a little white star on his forehead. :)

Then up 422 to 100 to 29 to Emmaus to pick up the big aquarium, thence to home, another dinner, and bed.


Today's slow so far but there's writing percolating in my head. Also, I saw a pointer to a young writer mentoring program that I figured I should spread around. I don't think I'm up to being a mentor yet, but maybe some of you are and it looks like a really cool thing.
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Last night, for the first time in months, my little cat came upstairs to snuggle me as I tried to get to sleep.

I finally slept well. Because, I had my little cat. :)
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I thought I'd written about the rest of last week, but I guess not...

Moving, and moving )
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I'm off to [ profile] baronadhemar's again for a few days, planning on getting a lot of sewing done and see the Chanel exhibit and stuff. I don't know if I'll be able to get online at all, though I'm bringing the laptop this time. The cats all have each other for entertainment but I hope Siegfried doesn't get lonely without me.

Lewis is in Key West until Wednesday (as of now, but who knows).

It's actually raining, which my garden needed a lot.

Next weekend: Hang out with [ profile] dr_zrfq and [ profile] montuos, then work on the yurt.
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A couple of pictures of Fuzzy Butt )
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Yesterday I managed to eat a couple of actual meals, and I'm still feeling all right today.

Even though I've only been working in very short shifts, almost all of the laundry is done, almost all of the dishes are done, and the bathroom is cleaner than it's been in a couple of years. There's more laundry and the whole rest of the house, but I'll get there.

I'm still very, very tired. Partly through general lack of sleep (though I'm sleeping better than I usually do when Lewis is away), and part of it is still getting over the damned guts. I think it's time to go to the doctor, but I don't want to be taking any more medication than I already am, and I'm afraid that's what will happen.

I haven't touched the yard. I need to do something about the yard.

I've been napping a lot this week, partly because I get tired mid-afternoon, and partly because Chocolate will come and snuggle me if I'm lying on the couch. I love my little cat. Here's a picture of my little cat:

Chocolate )
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Ha! Sound!

If intermittently. We shall see.

Off to Key West tomorrow until Friday. Somewhat last-minute, but at least I'm going along this time. Bringing laptop and stuff, so I should be able to get online from there, but I don't know how often that'll happen. Then again, it's supposed to be so hot I may not leave the hotel room often...

Weeded some today. Must weed much more.

Miki's ear is doing well; stitches came out last Wednesday and he's healing nicely. He's been mostly sprawled flat on the floor, since it's been so hot.

Thinking about getting a new mouse when we get home. Miki's been lonely.

Yes, sound really is working now. Looks like the speaker in the monitor was dead, and I just had to plug in another set. Simple enough, since we probably have a zillion sets of speakers around the house.

Off to bed, though. Up early tomorrow and still things to do before we go.
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Boy, was it a weekend.

Weekend )

Day Off

May. 28th, 2005 03:13 am
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No writing today. Lewis had the day off, so I took it off, too.

I kinda miss it. This is a good sign, yes?

We were up a little late last night, so I didn't get enough sleep and thus never did wake all the way up today. But I got a fair amount done anyway - caught up on the dishes this morning (necessary, when Lewis and I are home for the weekend, since a lot of cooking tends to happen), went for a doctor's appointment and wound up chatting with the guy for a while, got part of the lawn mowed (Lewis did the rest), and hauled a lot of branches down to the not-burn-pile.

I was also slightly useful in making a big pan of baklava, and making fajitas for dinner.

See, Tuesday Lewis called on the way home from work and asked what was for dinner. We had a lot of leftovers, so I proposed that we use some of them up. He remembered that we had fajita leftovers, and deiced that he wanted those. Fine, I said, but we're out of sour cream.

Anything else? he asked.

Nope, I said.

So he got home and we were out of tortillas. I offered to go and get some (being the one who hadn't checked), but he said no, I have an idea...

Tortillas are stupidly easy to make. And they taste a lot better fresh. :)

So we did that again tonight. I rolled out and cooked my very own tortilla. Yeah, not so impressive but I'm still sorta new to being able to actually cook.

And speaking of cooking: a report on the tomato bread soup. Very, very good stuff. Everyone liked it, and there are still enough leftovers to feed Lewis and I a couple more times. Not only that, but Olwyn announced that it's the only thing she's ever tasted that came close to her father's tomato soup recipe - which he took to his grave in something like 1985.

[ profile] montuos, where did you get that recipe, anyway...?

So, good results. It wanted the Italian sausage instead of the country sausage, and we decided that it would have worked better with a much more butch bread - a good pumpernickel, maybe, or even a cut-up Philly soft pretzel (Lewis brought one home for me that day; I'd forgotten what a real one tastes like...). Easy enough to fix next time.

It seems that I never did post the original excitement with Miki. I hadn't noticed him scratching particularly, but he developed a hematoma in his left ear almost two weeks ago. I took him to the emergency place, since it was Sunday, and they told me that it was still small enough that it might drain on its own and sent me home with a bottle of Tresaderm (treats ear mites and a plethora of other things). Monday it didn't seem any worse, but by Tuesday Miki was miserable, so I called the vet. Yeah, they said, it's gonna have to be operated on. I brought him back in Wednesday for the operation, and took him home again that night.

He spent the next several days wearing a cone so he'd leave his ear alone. Round about last Friday he was trying desperately to wash his 'bits' and all he could get to was the cone, so he was washing that incessantly, and I just couldn't deal - so I let him out for a bit. And a bit the next day, and a bit the day after that, and finally yesterday I just took the thing off and figured I'd take him back in to the vet if he needed it. He didn't, and his fur is all clean now, and he's a lot happier.

He still needs antibiotics and Tresaderm twice a day, though; hence the lack of travel. He doesn't like either application of medicine very much, and I can't blame him - bubblegum-flavoured stuff I can see for humans, but for a cat...? I want _fish_ flavoured antibiotics, thank you.

For him, not for me. Euw.

He's currently sprawled out in the hallway, gnawing on a hair tie.

*goes to retrieve hair tie*

Tomorrow we may be going to an air show in Willow Grove, or working on the yard, or baking bread, or I don't know what. Or reading all day. Or working on computers. Who knows. I think I'll try to write a little something, if nothing else.

It's gonna be fun.
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We seem to have new neighbors. They're on the downhill side, for those familiar with the area; apparently they've already put a lot of work into the inside of the house, which I consider to be a good indication. Seems the place was built around the same time as our house.

The one guy's name is Chris and the other guy is an associate professor at Northampton. I don't remember his name, more's the pity. I went over to offer them the use of the hand truck we scavenged at Pennsic, but they already had one. They seem friendly enough. Good handshakes.

Miki's ear has mostly been healing pretty well, except for one spot that just won't close up. We've been letting him out of the cone a few times a day, as long as we're around to keep an eye on him. Today he's been out of it since I got up this morning, and the ear's still doing all right. I'm going to put it back on him before I got to bed, but I think I can leave it off during the day, at least.

He's been washing incessantly, and I can't blame him. As fastidious as cats are, it has to be awful not being able to wash. His fur has been getting downright greasy in spots, even though I've been brushing him a lot. He's sleeping now, and looking more comfortable than he has in days. It's another week until he gets the stitches out.

If the grass ever dries I'm gonna mow the lawn. Until then I get to haul all the branches Lewis hacked off down to the coyote pile and try top get them to fit. We need a wood chipper, or a place to burn it all, or something.

And since it just started raining, it looks like that's not gonna happen _again_. Good thing it's a long weekend.

Sewing night tonight. Gotta gotta gotta finish that tunic.
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Friederich Eisenmaus has perked up a lot and seems to be doing better, at least for now.

Miklos is home from the vet. His ear's stitched up, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him. In fact, he's taking it all rather in stride, so far as I can tell. I'm hoping I can leave the cone off of his head but we'll see.

Off to eat dinner now.
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It's been...yeah.

[ profile] giselle002 was up for the weekend, which was lovely fun but not so much with the sleeping. We planted a vegetable garden on Friday, ate Greek food with Jodi that night, ate Greek food again for lunch Saturday, and went up to the Ukrainian Homestead for a while that evening. Sunday we did a whole lot of not much, which included finding out that Miklos had a smallish hematoma in one ear.

I took him up to the emergency place, and they gave me something to soothe the ear and said that the hematoma was small enough that it _might_ still drain on its own. So I brought him home and really hoped that it would.

By yesterday it became clear that it wouldn't (and Miki was miserable) so I took him to my regular vet. Yup, they said, that wants surgery. So I took him back in this morning, and I'll be picking him up tonight. Then three weeks of ear-cleanings and antibiotics and making sure he doesn't scratch the stitches out. Poor guy; he'll be miserable.

Also on the schedule for yesterday was cleaning everyone _else's_ ears and applying a one-time ear mite remedy. I hope with great desperation that this works, 'cos wow, is that tough. But we got 'em all, with minimal damage to ourselves (though Taltos put a hole in one of the sheets).

Miki's clearly getting used to riding in the car; he spent most of the trip over this morning sprawled in the passenger seat, air-kneading and purring his head off. And it was happy-kitten-purr, too, not big-rattly-scared-kitten-purr. I might just start taking him places with me.

So I got home from dropping him off, and Friederich Eisenmaus was looking slow and sort of tottery. I took him out and held him and warmed him up, and he's looking better now, and eating. I think it's just a matter of time for him, though.

Off to write more.


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