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First I typed 'shirt takes'. Well, between us, [ profile] fosveny and I did buy three new shirts over the weekend...


Last Fruits

Went out to the garden last night -- after dark, in the near-freezing rain, because I've been putting it off -- to pick the last of the tomatoes and peppers. Not a bad haul, given how much I neglected my garden this year. I used some of the tomatoes in taco salad last night, and I want to actually use the rest, if they ripen enough. I don't like wasting food, and I seem to slip the worst with the stuff I've grown myself.

Got me thinking about a number of things. One, that my garden isn't well-placed; it doesn't get enough sun. I'm thinking about possibly moving it to the smaller garden along the side of the house. I wouldn't be able to plant as much but they'd do better.

The other seems to want to get too long to go into a posting called 'short takes' or even 'shirt takes', so I'm gonna break that out into something else.



Snow and mountains (in my mother's backyard, no less) and fighting with my sister and fighting Bad Guys (one of whom was inexplicably [ profile] page_of_swords in the Florida Keys. Plus a couple other bits I've already forgotten. I was busy last night.



Made a brief appearance earlier. Wouldn't mind seeing more.
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Instead of vacuuming the cat, I've decided to read through my entire LJ and see what I wrote a while ago that strikes my fancy, or doesn't make sense any more, or something.

Nostalgia, or something. )

Everything newer than that is new enough that I don't want to comment on it again...

I suppose I ought to have done this post about a month ago, actually, or in two weeks when I'll have had this journal for a year. But now's when I did it, so too bad.


Feb. 14th, 2004 09:33 am
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It's morning. I really don't do mornings well.

Had weird-ass dreams about Gulf Wars. Really not so much what I would _expect_ to be dreaming about, either. Something about camp, and something about heralding Great Court which is a _damned_ improbable thing for me to be doing, now, innit...?

Off later today to van-shop and visit Gise and hubby. Ought to be amusing.

I should really rave about my new computer - it's really speefy. Smaller case, so I have more room on my desk. It's _quiet_ which I'm all into. Happy big flatscreen monitor which is a joy to look at. The mouse-wheel isn't working yet but we'll get there.

The funny part? My favourite bit - the keyboard. Dell. Picked it up used at the computer show for two bucks. It has _absolutely_ the sweetest action I've ever laid fingers on. I love it.


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