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First I typed 'shirt takes'. Well, between us, [ profile] fosveny and I did buy three new shirts over the weekend...


Last Fruits

Went out to the garden last night -- after dark, in the near-freezing rain, because I've been putting it off -- to pick the last of the tomatoes and peppers. Not a bad haul, given how much I neglected my garden this year. I used some of the tomatoes in taco salad last night, and I want to actually use the rest, if they ripen enough. I don't like wasting food, and I seem to slip the worst with the stuff I've grown myself.

Got me thinking about a number of things. One, that my garden isn't well-placed; it doesn't get enough sun. I'm thinking about possibly moving it to the smaller garden along the side of the house. I wouldn't be able to plant as much but they'd do better.

The other seems to want to get too long to go into a posting called 'short takes' or even 'shirt takes', so I'm gonna break that out into something else.



Snow and mountains (in my mother's backyard, no less) and fighting with my sister and fighting Bad Guys (one of whom was inexplicably [ profile] page_of_swords in the Florida Keys. Plus a couple other bits I've already forgotten. I was busy last night.



Made a brief appearance earlier. Wouldn't mind seeing more.
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  • return the movie I rented over a week ago

  • put money in the bank so I can pay bills

  • pay said bills

  • buy new toner for the Great Photocopying of the Photomasters Project

  • start making more copies for the Great Photocopying of the Photomasters Project

  • do laundry
  • (enough for today, anyway)
  • get the oil changed for the van

  • possibly get new tires for the van
  • (next week probably)
  • get all the boxes out of the van
  • (more than half of them, anyway)
  • go through said boxes, as they're EK heraldic files which need a _lot_ of sorting

  • help my mom move the store
  • (most of this week...)
  • help Ellesbeth move to her new place
  • (Friday night and Saturday)
  • email Jae about various name articles I'm working on
  • (in a few weeks when she's less busy)
  • email Tommaso about the bed for Pennsic
  • (and got a reply already)
  • weed

  • plant flowers

  • get [ profile] fosveny to move the box of cat litter downstairs, so I can...

  • scoop and refill the litterboxen, and use some of the detritus to...

  • chase off the damn groundhog

  • sew A Lot

  • work on the yurt - finish retying the khana, waterproof the roof

  • clean the basement

  • mail the copies of checks to AElfgeorn

  • get some actual writing done...

And there's always more...updates as the day goes.

[edit] added some stuff, crossed some stuff out...lather, rinse, repeat...
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I'm off to [ profile] baronadhemar's again for a few days, planning on getting a lot of sewing done and see the Chanel exhibit and stuff. I don't know if I'll be able to get online at all, though I'm bringing the laptop this time. The cats all have each other for entertainment but I hope Siegfried doesn't get lonely without me.

Lewis is in Key West until Wednesday (as of now, but who knows).

It's actually raining, which my garden needed a lot.

Next weekend: Hang out with [ profile] dr_zrfq and [ profile] montuos, then work on the yurt.
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Ha! Sound!

If intermittently. We shall see.

Off to Key West tomorrow until Friday. Somewhat last-minute, but at least I'm going along this time. Bringing laptop and stuff, so I should be able to get online from there, but I don't know how often that'll happen. Then again, it's supposed to be so hot I may not leave the hotel room often...

Weeded some today. Must weed much more.

Miki's ear is doing well; stitches came out last Wednesday and he's healing nicely. He's been mostly sprawled flat on the floor, since it's been so hot.

Thinking about getting a new mouse when we get home. Miki's been lonely.

Yes, sound really is working now. Looks like the speaker in the monitor was dead, and I just had to plug in another set. Simple enough, since we probably have a zillion sets of speakers around the house.

Off to bed, though. Up early tomorrow and still things to do before we go.
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Friederich Eisenmaus died this afternoon.

I'm only a little upset. I had him for a year, and he was old when I brought him home; mice don't generally live more than a few years at the best of times. And he was _very_ old.

But he was still a sweet little guy, and I'll miss him. And so will Miki, I think.

It was a long week, what with one thing and another. Not much sleep; not a lot of writing done. Not a lot of cooking, either. I did get an article done for the kingdom heraldic newsletter, with which I am fairly pleased.

Also two logos for Mom, which is more money, whenever I get off my butt and add up my hours for her.

I'm writing this on my new/old computer - this is the one Lewis lent me last December, on which the network card died after three days, with the hard drive from the computer I used most of last summer, which kept turning randomly off. So far it's behaving, and since he installed Gentoo it's quick as shit. I'm loving it.

Though I'm still getting used to having a normal-sized keyboard and stuff. I got awfully used to that laptop. I'm likely to use this as a primary writing machine, but I'll have the laptop to haul around with me. I spent last night and this morning 'moving in', as twere, and I've got all my files copied over and everything set up. Sound doesn't work, but Lewis says he'll poke at that.

I also got a new CD player this morning, since the old one would only play my Machaut CD. It's cool - looks like an old-time radio in a wooden case. Much prettier than most modern CD players, which appear to want very badly to be spaceships and succeed only in looking very, very stupid. So now I'm listening to Clam Chowder and enjoying myself thoroughly.

We got the lawn mowed this afternoon, during which process we ran out of gas twice and Lewis managed to bend the blade. Fortunately, we have a big hammer.

I also picked up a lot _more_ sticks from the yard, and I'm convinced that I'll be picking up sticks from the yard for the rest of my life, or at least until we move. I'm seeing how much wood chippers cost, so we can do something about the coyote pile. I also hauled some of the now-dead forsythia off of the back porch, but that's going to be a bit of a project.

Apparently wood chippers are insanely expensive. Maybe I'll just napalm the lot.
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Boy, was it a weekend.

Weekend )
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When a half-hour of hauling cut branches down to the coyote-pile produces an aching, wheezing, sweaty Kate and no really visible difference in the amount of detritus all over the yard, it's a little disheartening...

But I will by God conquer this jungle.

One damn log at a time.
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We seem to have new neighbors. They're on the downhill side, for those familiar with the area; apparently they've already put a lot of work into the inside of the house, which I consider to be a good indication. Seems the place was built around the same time as our house.

The one guy's name is Chris and the other guy is an associate professor at Northampton. I don't remember his name, more's the pity. I went over to offer them the use of the hand truck we scavenged at Pennsic, but they already had one. They seem friendly enough. Good handshakes.

Miki's ear has mostly been healing pretty well, except for one spot that just won't close up. We've been letting him out of the cone a few times a day, as long as we're around to keep an eye on him. Today he's been out of it since I got up this morning, and the ear's still doing all right. I'm going to put it back on him before I got to bed, but I think I can leave it off during the day, at least.

He's been washing incessantly, and I can't blame him. As fastidious as cats are, it has to be awful not being able to wash. His fur has been getting downright greasy in spots, even though I've been brushing him a lot. He's sleeping now, and looking more comfortable than he has in days. It's another week until he gets the stitches out.

If the grass ever dries I'm gonna mow the lawn. Until then I get to haul all the branches Lewis hacked off down to the coyote pile and try top get them to fit. We need a wood chipper, or a place to burn it all, or something.

And since it just started raining, it looks like that's not gonna happen _again_. Good thing it's a long weekend.

Sewing night tonight. Gotta gotta gotta finish that tunic.
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It's been...yeah.

[ profile] giselle002 was up for the weekend, which was lovely fun but not so much with the sleeping. We planted a vegetable garden on Friday, ate Greek food with Jodi that night, ate Greek food again for lunch Saturday, and went up to the Ukrainian Homestead for a while that evening. Sunday we did a whole lot of not much, which included finding out that Miklos had a smallish hematoma in one ear.

I took him up to the emergency place, and they gave me something to soothe the ear and said that the hematoma was small enough that it _might_ still drain on its own. So I brought him home and really hoped that it would.

By yesterday it became clear that it wouldn't (and Miki was miserable) so I took him to my regular vet. Yup, they said, that wants surgery. So I took him back in this morning, and I'll be picking him up tonight. Then three weeks of ear-cleanings and antibiotics and making sure he doesn't scratch the stitches out. Poor guy; he'll be miserable.

Also on the schedule for yesterday was cleaning everyone _else's_ ears and applying a one-time ear mite remedy. I hope with great desperation that this works, 'cos wow, is that tough. But we got 'em all, with minimal damage to ourselves (though Taltos put a hole in one of the sheets).

Miki's clearly getting used to riding in the car; he spent most of the trip over this morning sprawled in the passenger seat, air-kneading and purring his head off. And it was happy-kitten-purr, too, not big-rattly-scared-kitten-purr. I might just start taking him places with me.

So I got home from dropping him off, and Friederich Eisenmaus was looking slow and sort of tottery. I took him out and held him and warmed him up, and he's looking better now, and eating. I think it's just a matter of time for him, though.

Off to write more.
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With some effort over two days Lewis got the thing working again, even the mouse. Sound isn't back up, but we'll get there.

I washed all of the sheets and blankets and everything involved with the bed except for the bed. Okay, not the pillows either... I hung stuff outside as it came out of the washer, but it started raining mid-afternoon (it wasn't supposed to start until evening...) and I wound up having to dry everything in the dryer anyway. Most of it still smells outside-good, though. Lewis just got home and we flipped the mattress.

I got some stuff out of the van; we want to pull out _everything_ and vacuum it. That's gonna take a lot of quarters, or an extension cord and the wet-dry vac. I think I'll opt for the latter.

No gardening today, with the early rain, but I went walkies out to the store and bought a packet of lettuce seeds that I'm hoping to put in tomorrow. Barely restrained myself from getting basil and oregano and big pots to put them in, but they'd've been too heavy to carry home...

Friederich Eisenmaus is running all over his cage, and twice in the last few days I've caught him on top of his wheel. Spring has perked him up in a truly lovely way and I'm wondering how old he really is. I'll never know, of course, but it's been an interesting speculation... His fur still looks awful, but then it always has.

Miki's sprawled out asleep on top of a pair of chausses I've been working on. There are pins all the hell over the things. I'm assuming he hasn't stuck himself, though possibly he just hasn't noticed.

It's so nice to be back in my room.


Apr. 1st, 2005 05:08 pm
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'Cos it's been a while...

And like I've said a thing about Gulf Wars, but I'll get there.

So Tuesday when I was supposed to be unloading the was lovely and warm and sunny...and I made the mistake of looking at the front flower garden...

Several hours of work later, the front garden is weeded, most of the side garden is weeded, the crap that was growing up around the rosebush is all out, the rose itself is tied up (to the porch railing, for now) and I've got flowers planted all along the front and halfway down the side of the house. Dianthus, alyssium, and goldenrod.

My hands, knees, legs and back ache, but things sure look good outside. And I got the van unloaded anyway.

Off to Coronation tomorrow...
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Well, not yet. The take so far is two large tomatoes and five or six grape tomatoes. But it's gonna get there.

Lewis and I got the June paperwork ready to go today, in between a couple of naps and long bouts of reading. Goes much more quickly when you actually have all the paperwork to hane, instead of recreating it all. I suspect we'll finish a lot of July tomorrow before he leaves for New Orleans.

Yeah, New Orleans in July, the week before Southern Region. We're both just _thrilled_. Then Norfolk and Pittsburgh the week before Land Grab. Guess who gets to drive out to Pennsic alone, then pick him up in Pittsburgh...

But generally things are good. The house is mostly _not_ pitlike for once, and the gardens that I've planted things in are in good shape. I'm slowly clearing more ground as the summer wears on, and planting flowers so I'll be sure to keep the ground around them clear.

Discovered today that not only do we have raspberries, we have raspberries that we can pick by simply opening the kitchen window and reaching out.

I was waxing rhapsodic to [ profile] giselle0002 and [ profile] meradudd on the wonders of fresh tomatoes with fresh basil and mozzarella while Lewis was at the store getting stuff for taco salad (with fresh tomatoes), and lo and behold he returned home with basil and mozz along with everything else...

I loves my Lewis very much. :)

A Good Day

Jul. 6th, 2004 10:15 pm
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Somehow it seems that KWHSS was the turning point, and things are going to be at least a little bit calmer, now.

I'm caught up on sleep for what feels like the first time in months. My throat's stopped hurting. The house isn't _clean_, but it's not pitlike. And Lewis and I got to spend most of Sunday doing Not Much, followed by a trip over to [ profile] torin3's place to do some enamelling. Well...Lewis did enamelling. I did a bit of sewing and played with the cats.

I'm taking things out of order here...

Catching Up )

Happy day

May. 8th, 2004 04:23 pm
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Yeah, life's been busy, but what with one thing and another the stress has been a bit better. Lewis hasn't been travelling, for one, and for another some of the heraldry issues are being resolved with the new Laurel team...

It's amusing, being friendly enough to one of the biggest heralds in the SCA to be able to say 'Evan, you're being a weejits-head' and get away with it. But then, it's _Evan_...

Playing in the dirt )

What with one thing and another, a good day's work. Had a lot of spontaneous help from Lewis, too, which was happy.

The fledgeling exercise program is going well. Haven't lost any weight, but that'll come in time; I suspect I'm losing fat and putting on muscle, which I'm serene with. Two or three weeks ago I managed four fairly crappy push-ups; last night I did twenty good ones. Went from maybe eight situps to sixteen in the same time period. I haven't been counting the leg-lifts as closely since I do them at work, but I can tell they're having an effect. Even my knees are getting better; haven't had the left one go in over two weeks. And when I get enough sleep I have a lot more energy than I used to. Now, if I can just _stay_ with it during the busy season...

Plans and scheduling )

Really, things _will_ slow down eventually. At least after the last month semi-off I've got the energy to survive until Pennsic...


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