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Having been reminded by [ profile] waya over on [ profile] earth_clergy (a lovely new community, I recommend it to many of you) that gratitude is a goodness, I hereby start up my daily 'five things I'm grateful for' postings again.

1) Chocolate and Shanti, my beautiful sweet cats who love me unconditionally.

2) Samson and Taltos, who are also beautiful and sweet but don't love anyone, much less me, but who do teach me love and patience - I have gotten to pet both of them today, a rare and beautiful thing.

3) My new(ish) ability to take ingredients and turn them into lovely, healthy, tasty food for me and my friends.

4) Ray, specifically for provoking me to go to the gym with him last night (though we never actually got round to it, what with peerage discussions and all) and more generally for _growing_ in such a beautiful and visible way.

5) Knowing that my friends are standing by me. Especially the ones who, when I do something dumbassed, are willing to whonk me upside the head and say 'Hey, Kate? That was dumbassed.'

6) (Bonus!) Dwen, for teaching me to drink margaritas. I think.
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1) Totally random Thanksgiving invites

2) Napping on someone else's couch with someone else's cat on your chest

3) Cowboy hats

4) Popcorn

5) Knowing that yes, I can make it to work on time every day even _without_ someone poking me to get my butt out of bed
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A bunch of people I know have started doing a 'gratitude journal', listing five (or so) things a day to be grateful for. Sounds like fun, so here goes...

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