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Jun. 26th, 2006 04:08 pm
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Today, I achieved plumbing. )

Good Day

Dec. 4th, 2005 11:14 pm
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I woke up earlier than I've been recently (though still later than I want to be), well-rested though I did have some weird-assed dreams. I got up and looked out the window - snow! Maybe an inch, but enough to cover everything with pretty white and that just got the day off to a good start.

I got dressed (instead of spending half the day in a bathrobe) and stuck a Trans-Siberian Orchestra album in. Spent more time listening to that and playing on the computer than I'd meant to, but ahh well; I was in far too good a mood to worry about it.

Eventually I shoveled the sidewalk, then walked up to the store to get some stuff. Shoveling _hurt_ but life goes on and the walk was lovely. One of the houses I passed was full of fresh squirrel-tracks in the snow - I noticed that both of the trees in the front yard are oaks. I didn't get to see any of the actual squirrels but they were clearly having a good time earlier.

I didn't get a lot done today but it was good to just sit and relax. The house is clean and there's not a lot I have to be doing right now. Lewis fell asleep on the couch round about five and I let him sleep - when I woke him up around six-thirty to talk about dinner, he went right back to sleep, so I decided to forge off on my own, and made chicken paprikas _nearly_ all by myself. He woke up in time to help me with the last bits, which was the only part I wasn't sure about; I could do it entirely by myself, now. It came out pretty good and we have enough leftovers for two more meals.

I got some copying done while he was napping, too; the photomasters are _almost_ all copied and soon the originals can head back to Jae in Finland. Three less boxes in our house. Oh, and Lewis looked through some of the stuff in the bedroom; that's yet more stuff I can get rid of.

Tomorrow he flies down to Norfolk and I drive up to [ profile] baronadhemar's for a couple days. Have some errands to run before I go, and I have to pack enough sewing to keep me busy. Looking forward to it.

What with all the stress and stuff that I've been dealing with, today might not sound like much...but I spent nearly the whole time genuinely _happy_ and, well, I needed some of that.
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And they are lovely and beautiful and comfortable and I loves them very much.

Once we get the downstairs re-frotzed so they actually fit, it's gonna look _nice_.


Sep. 6th, 2005 12:49 pm
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What with one thing and another, things seem to be improving.

And about frellin time.

[ profile] giselle0002 visited this weekend, and we all had a lovely time. Up to Child's Park (which doesn't seem to have a web site) on Saturday, then ice cream. Sunday was the Saylorsburg flea market, then Mexican for lunch, and off to Lewis's mom's for dinner. Monday was going to be sitting around doing not much, but after fajitas for lunch (with homemade tortillas, and peppers and tomatos from our garden) Jodi called and told us that she wanted to talk the dog, and we should come along.

The Delaware Canal path was way closed, so we wound up at Lake Nockamixon and walked around a lot. Dakota (the dog in question) got to swim a little, and Gise and Jodi and I waded some. Lewis didn't, 'cos he was wearing sneakers, but he looked like he was having a good time walking the dog. Wonderful Italian food for dinner, and more ice cream. Then we all slept like rocks. (Well, I'm assuming that's true of Jodi and Dakota...)

Today I'm doing Yet More Pennsic Laundry, and cleaning my room and some of the rest of the house, and watching the mail anxiously for word about the short story I sent off. I've another story in mind, and I'll be working on that intermittently.

And...yeah. Things are sure better than they were a week ago.

To Do

Aug. 21st, 2005 10:00 pm
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1) start Pennsic laundry

2) mow lawn

3) do dishes

4) unpack what I can from the van

5) sweep

6) vacuum

7) call the cat shelter guy and arrange an interview

8) write a query letter for that article and send it out

9) shop for food, since we're out


10) sleep
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I've been working on everything but Pennsic.

But my room is _almost_ very, very nice now. The second table is in, and the computer's set up on it. I need to run two more network cables, but that's trivial.

The bed is cleared off, and I sprayed it with a deodorizing mix. (Cheap vodka, diluted in water. What? I don't _drink_ the stuff...) Tomorrow, if enough of the musty smell is gone, I will make the bed again, and then I'll be able to sprawl upon it and read.

I'm giving some thought to getting a futon couch frame for that spot, instead; we already have a futon that would fit, and usually it lives wedged under the bed. I'm sure we could find a home for the bed - it's a single, but it's a Craftmatic. :)

In any case, there's still plenty to do:

1) move the chair I used to use downstairs - the thing is seriously overkill and I like this one better.

2) make the bed, and pile the Usual Stuff atop it. though I still have to decide if Siegfried is among the Usual Stuff

3) rearrange the stuff in the plastic-drawer-things I have so the small one is _with luck_ empty, so I can re-fill it with desky things. (The problem with using tables instead of desks...more space on top, but no drawers!)

4) let poor Siegfried out...I haven't had a chance much today...

5) carry the milk crate with the paper upstairs, and probably put the small drawer-thing atop it

6) possibly stack some of the random desky-things (file folders and such) in the box with the paper

7) hang some of my feather masks on the walls

In other news, I have (re)discovered that I should never, ever go to Staples without a specific shopping list, and just enough money to buy what's on it. I've added a CD case and two small cup-things to hold coins and paper clips to the anal retentivity supplies I bought Thursday.

But now my desk is neater. :)

However, I really _do_ need to start getting ready for Pennsic at some point...
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1) wash everything that was on the bed in my room

2) do other laundry too

3) do dishes

4) put another shelf in the set of shelves at the foot of the bed (mostly, anyway - can't quite reach to get the back bolts in)

5) clear the stuff off of the desk behind me

6) move verra and both copier/printers up here (one printer, anyway - the other is going in to get fixed after Pennsic)

7) move everything else off of the table verra is on

8) mow the lawn

9) clean Siegfried's cage

10) switch to new speakers (the current ones having apparently been damaged in moving from one room to the next)

11) get the carpet (which clearly _is_ one of the sources of the cat pee smell) out from under the bed in here and boy, did that help...

12) cut out a new linen tunic for me (yes, even though I'm halfway through ninety-eleven other projects)

13) write something new, either the sequel to this ficlet for [ profile] drbillbongo or my polyficathon entry...time for something a bit less important than stuff I'm actually gonna try to make money off of.

14) something else I forgot while halfway through typing it, since I had to stop Miki from chewing on the broom...weird-ass cat.

15) pay bills

16) call about paper recycling in Bethlehem - what can I bring, and how does it have to be divided? (no answer; I'll try again tomorrow)

17) pick up Siegfried's new cage (next week sometime)
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After this morning's adventure, I set about cleaning my room, doing some rearranging (as plotted here).

The fabric is _nearly_ all in the boxes in my room. Once [ profile] fosveny and I have a chance to go through it all, some of that will be going away. More of it will be turned into garb over the fall and winter.

All of the photomaster boxes (so far) have been moved into the bedroom. There's some more work to be done there, but that can wait right now.

The shelves which used to sit at my back in my room are now over the radiator. This leaves only two shelves' worth of space, but I made enough space elsewhere that that's not a problem. I may add a shelf in the middle, as well.

The big mother futon is now downstairs. No, it can't stay there, but for now it's going in the van for Pennsic, and after that we're going to look into getting the roof replaced on the garage. If we go about that right, we can store the futon (and a lot of other stuff we only use once or twice a year) in there. The bookshelf I moved out of that space is now back.

The desk that was in the bedroom is now where the shelves were, but I think I'm going to wind up exchanging that for the table in the dining room - the desk in here won't hold a computer and a copier; it's far too small.

So that's going to wait until I have Lewis to help. Which will likely be over the weekend, since Sewing Night is tonight. Bleh.

On the other hand, it gets me to stop for a while...

In the meantime, I'm pleased with how much I've gotten done. The bookshelves are no longer blocking the light from the window at the side of the house; the tall plastic drawers that hold a lot of my sewing stuff are no longer blocking the light from the front window. This also means that they won't block the light from the lamp, so I can sit on the bed at _night_ and read. In my room; my space.

I needed this bad. Being in the bedroom was nice and cool when the place was Too Hot To Live. But it was too cramped, too dark, and I was spending all of my time in there, night and day. It was driving me nuts, and my writing was showing that.

It'll get hot again, in a week or two. But I'll live. I can duck back into the bedroom with the laptop if I need to. Eventually (read hopefully after Pennsic) we're going to run a new power circuit or two up into my room, and then (if I can get the old AC fixed) I'll have my own. Until then, I'll live with the heat to be in My Space.


Jul. 27th, 2005 02:45 pm
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Not really. It's too hot.

But I have some ideas.

because every little bit helps... )
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  • return the movie I rented over a week ago

  • put money in the bank so I can pay bills

  • pay said bills

  • buy new toner for the Great Photocopying of the Photomasters Project

  • start making more copies for the Great Photocopying of the Photomasters Project

  • do laundry
  • (enough for today, anyway)
  • get the oil changed for the van

  • possibly get new tires for the van
  • (next week probably)
  • get all the boxes out of the van
  • (more than half of them, anyway)
  • go through said boxes, as they're EK heraldic files which need a _lot_ of sorting

  • help my mom move the store
  • (most of this week...)
  • help Ellesbeth move to her new place
  • (Friday night and Saturday)
  • email Jae about various name articles I'm working on
  • (in a few weeks when she's less busy)
  • email Tommaso about the bed for Pennsic
  • (and got a reply already)
  • weed

  • plant flowers

  • get [ profile] fosveny to move the box of cat litter downstairs, so I can...

  • scoop and refill the litterboxen, and use some of the detritus to...

  • chase off the damn groundhog

  • sew A Lot

  • work on the yurt - finish retying the khana, waterproof the roof

  • clean the basement

  • mail the copies of checks to AElfgeorn

  • get some actual writing done...

And there's always more...updates as the day goes.

[edit] added some stuff, crossed some stuff out...lather, rinse, repeat...
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Yesterday I managed to eat a couple of actual meals, and I'm still feeling all right today.

Even though I've only been working in very short shifts, almost all of the laundry is done, almost all of the dishes are done, and the bathroom is cleaner than it's been in a couple of years. There's more laundry and the whole rest of the house, but I'll get there.

I'm still very, very tired. Partly through general lack of sleep (though I'm sleeping better than I usually do when Lewis is away), and part of it is still getting over the damned guts. I think it's time to go to the doctor, but I don't want to be taking any more medication than I already am, and I'm afraid that's what will happen.

I haven't touched the yard. I need to do something about the yard.

I've been napping a lot this week, partly because I get tired mid-afternoon, and partly because Chocolate will come and snuggle me if I'm lying on the couch. I love my little cat. Here's a picture of my little cat:

Chocolate )
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So I'm back in my room, and I'm cleaning and gardening and stuff, and settling back into _my_ space, and I sat down last night and wrote a bunch more of a story I'd almost given up on and woke up this morning with an idea for another story entirely. And when I thought about it, I realized that I've gotten a whole lot done on the novel edit/rewrite over the last few weeks or so, to. But only up here.

The whole time I was downstairs on the other computer, I barely managed to get through any of the novel, and I wrote about a page and a half of something which has stubbornly refused to go anywhere since then. And I of the biggest influences on my writing is being in _my_ space. Not necessarily on _my_ computer - I've changed computers, what, three or four times...? - but being in _my_ space.

And now that I've got my space back, I think I'm gonna get a whole lot more done.
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With some effort over two days Lewis got the thing working again, even the mouse. Sound isn't back up, but we'll get there.

I washed all of the sheets and blankets and everything involved with the bed except for the bed. Okay, not the pillows either... I hung stuff outside as it came out of the washer, but it started raining mid-afternoon (it wasn't supposed to start until evening...) and I wound up having to dry everything in the dryer anyway. Most of it still smells outside-good, though. Lewis just got home and we flipped the mattress.

I got some stuff out of the van; we want to pull out _everything_ and vacuum it. That's gonna take a lot of quarters, or an extension cord and the wet-dry vac. I think I'll opt for the latter.

No gardening today, with the early rain, but I went walkies out to the store and bought a packet of lettuce seeds that I'm hoping to put in tomorrow. Barely restrained myself from getting basil and oregano and big pots to put them in, but they'd've been too heavy to carry home...

Friederich Eisenmaus is running all over his cage, and twice in the last few days I've caught him on top of his wheel. Spring has perked him up in a truly lovely way and I'm wondering how old he really is. I'll never know, of course, but it's been an interesting speculation... His fur still looks awful, but then it always has.

Miki's sprawled out asleep on top of a pair of chausses I've been working on. There are pins all the hell over the things. I'm assuming he hasn't stuck himself, though possibly he just hasn't noticed.

It's so nice to be back in my room.
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So we bought this massive king-sized futon, so we'd all fit at Gulf Wars. And of course the thing couldn't get delivered until _after_ Gulf Wars, so I invented something using our other futons that worked pretty well.

And ever since Gulf Wars there's been this gimungous futon occupying the entire bed in my room. Now, this isn't where I sleep, so it was livable - but I like to look out the front windows, I like to _open_ them when it's warm, and I do like to sprawl on the bed sometimes, or use it to pile things on. And Miki's favourite sleeping-places are there, too.

Needless to say, this has been bugging hell outa me. I keep coming up with ideas, all of which have sucked rocks. So finally today I was sort of vaguely cleaning in my room, and I made a pretty big space in front of the side window, and I thought, 'why don't I put some of the stuff in the closet over here, and I'll bet the thing will fit in one end of the closet'. I pulled the stuff out, and it fit nicely in front of the window; there's even a flat space on top for Miki to sit on. I measured the height of the futon, and indeed it would fit in the closet under the clothes poles.

So I moved stuff out of the way and hauled the futon off of the bed. Not as hard as I'd thought it was going to be, but this is still a buggered big futon. I dragged it over to the closet and tried to wedge it in.

Too _wide_.

So I sat down at the computer and whined at [ profile] giselle0002 for a bit, drank some water, let my back relax, cooled down some. I got up once to open one of the windows which the futon had been blocking, and decided that dammit, I was going to find _somewhere_ to put the thing.

I'm not going to describe all the contortions I've gone through so far, nor the ones I still have to do, but the room is halfway rearranged, the futon is put somewhere out of the way, the bookshelf I was having trouble with is now holding lighter stuff, and I can probably have the room in reasonable shape in another hour or two...


Jan. 25th, 2005 04:34 pm
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So...the furnace has been acting up. I called the gas company, and after a bout of rudeness (not mine), determined that despite the fact that it's bloody freezing outside, they couldn't get anyone here until tomorrow.

So I flipped open the phone book, pointed to someone in 'heating contractors', and called them. He could be out this afternoon, he said, and what with one thing and another I wound up handing him to Lewis so they could try to figure out what was wring without the guy having to come out. Between a couple of calls he spent about half an hour walking Lewis through things, for free. I circled his ad in the phone book and wrote 'good people' in big honking letters.

They got it working, but it kept cutting back out, and it became apparentl that it was going to beed more work. We tinkered with it for a while and gave up. I called the guy back, around probably seven, and got an answer; he said he'd be out in maybe an hour. So he shows up and looks...vaguely familiar. He and Lewis go downstairs to tinker, and I stay up here because there isn't room for three around the furnace.

I hear 'fighting' and 'Celtic Classic' and figure Lewis is explaining some of the odd stuf in the basement. Then I hear 'trebuchet' and 'ballista', not in Lewis's voice.

Turns out the guy's in the SCA. Hasn't been showing up recently, because he's spending his days fixing people's furnaces. Now they're downstairs working on the furnace and talking about siege engines...


So the guy is definitely getting our business again. If you're local, and you need any kind of heating, plumbing, or air conditioning work done, the company is 'Effective Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning', and his phone number is 610-756-4177.

While looking in the phone book for that, I realized what originally caught my eye on his ad. Amongst the name and phone number and stuff is his motto: 'Justly, Faithfully, Honestly'.

Ya don't see stuff like that so often, these days...

Snow day!

Jan. 22nd, 2005 01:13 pm
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We went out for a bit before it got back, to pick up salt (though I think it's too cold for it to work) and a new ballast for the light in the kitchen. The ride home was...entertaining. I'm glad I'm good at sliding.

The cars are parked across the street, and nobody has parked in front of our house yet. With lots of luck, it'll stay that way, and they'll plow up to the curb on our side since there are no cars there. Sometimes it works, and when it does, it saves us a lot of effort - all we have to do is get the cars out instead of digging whole parking spots.

We're in for the duration, now. Got plenty of food (had plenty of food anyway, but I picked up some fresh stuff yesterday) and plenty to do. I un-moderated the Eisental list, since there are likely to be a lot of people snowed in, bored and chatting on the list. With luck things will remain polite; they have been since I laid down the law on Monday.

We'll likely get some cleaning done (time for the tree to come down) and copy more of Jae's resources. Maybe take a nap or two. It's time for those weights Lewis got for Christmas to come out...though, with shoveling to do, I'm thinking we should take it fairly easy on the things. Or, for that matter, on ourselves.

Time, too, to get moving again on one or another of the heraldry projects I have going. The Geirr-Bassi project is now in [ profile] giselle0002's hands for proofing, and to see if my decisions on which name should go where make any sense. I may start on Brechenmacher again; the Catalan names project is closer to being done, but I need a native French speaker for that one soon.

And time to pay attention to the cats. Yes, I do that anyway...but more is better, ya know? One of these days I ought to get pictures of the lot of them up somewhere...

I put cat food on the back stoop, too. Any feral who's survived the rest of this week, in the snow and cold, deserves an easy meal.

It doesn't look like it's snowing very hard. Little tiny flakes, hardly enough to diminish my range of vision when I look outside. But it's piling up. I think we're past two inches now, and it's supposed to snow more heavily later on.

There are still people out on the road. Go home. Whatever it is, it's almost certainly not worth it. If nobody's gonna die if you don't go, don't go.

Time to shovel again, I think.
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Weekend in Pittsburgh )Got home, passed out.

I have nearly no recollection of how I spent most of the nights last week, except for plowing through Brechenmacher, occasional heraldic intrigue (the BoD is a _lovely_ thing, let me tell you), working on the outline for NaNoWriMo, intermittently cleaning my room, and commenting on the current Eastern ILoI.

Weekend with Gise )Yesterday was catching up with Brechenmacher (partway through page 122, woo!), finishing the October commentary, and generally making things make sense before the first. Today was work, and among other things I managed just over 2000 words of backstory and character sketch during lunch. Woo! I'm much less worried about NaNoWriMo, now. For those of you who've expressed an interest, I might get part of that online tomorrow; it's on the computer at work and I didn't snag a copy.
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The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. So I'm going to start considering what I'm gonna have to do before November 1st to make this even a remote possibility...

Considerations )
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Been a long couple weeks...

Read more... )

the week )

There's Crusades yet to go, but I'll get to that tomorrow...probably...

To do tomorrow:

Finish commentary on September
Do several pages of Brechenmacher Project
Work on my room
Do much laundry
Put checks in bank (likely while walking)
Take comforters to dry cleaners
Scoop litterboxen
Maybe do some weeding if it's warm, and bring in plant
Water other plants

(edited over the course of the day to cross off things I've finished...)


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