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I'm a bit disturbed by this.

I'm generally on the computer pretty much all day. I have several news sites I check frequently. I chat with quite a few people who are pretty connected with the pulse of the world. I read a number of LiveJournals, by similar people.

I found out that Rosa Parks died today from a tossed-off comment in an LJ I never read, linked from someone else's LJ, in an entry about something else entirely.

Even now, I'm having to look to find any stories.


She made her stand by sitting down, and did a hell of a lot of people a hell of a lot of good by doing so. Are things better? Yeah. There's still a long way to go, though...
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Instead of vacuuming the cat, I've decided to read through my entire LJ and see what I wrote a while ago that strikes my fancy, or doesn't make sense any more, or something.

Nostalgia, or something. )

Everything newer than that is new enough that I don't want to comment on it again...

I suppose I ought to have done this post about a month ago, actually, or in two weeks when I'll have had this journal for a year. But now's when I did it, so too bad.


Nov. 18th, 2004 08:57 am
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Just to pass the link on...

How the Grinch Stole Marriage

Ganked from [ profile] goldsquare.
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I was especially amused by the pair of obvious SCAdians 'round about page three.

It's unnerving how much better perusing this site is making me feel.
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I'm not sure I entirely agree with this guy, but I think he's got some points to think about at worst. Or, possibly, at best. If he's entirely right...that scares the hell outa me.

The coming theocracy
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On top of everything I bitched about in my last posting, everyone I work with voted for Bush, except for the one kid who didn't vote, but _would_ have voted for Kerry.

Here's one from the Onion...when all they have to doctorto get such a scathing article is the's a sad day in America.


Nov. 3rd, 2004 06:16 pm
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I'm sick as a dog. My throat is full of crap and everything aches.

I've written 200 words so far today, and they all suck.

I tore the sleeve on my favourite flannel at work today, so I didn't even have another to change into.

I kept _dropping_ things. And getting pissed off, and then dropping something else.

And frelling Bush got elected again.

I said to [ profile] meradudd earlier that I felt like half of the country had just voted me off the island, and he pointed out that actually, at least in eleven particular states, it was between 2/3 and 3/4.

I cannot freaking believe that all eleven states voting on measures to ban gay marriage passed them. Apparently overwhelmingly.

Well, fuck y'all, too.

Yeah...those of you who are reading this aren't the people I'm saying that to. Many of you are probably feeling much the same way. And with reason; lots and lots of my dear friends are gay, or bi, or polyamorous, or oddly gendered one way or another, or just prefer sexual practices which aren't mainstream, or indeed several of the above.

And that's only one of my issues with the election, but I'm not going to go on about that; I think [ profile] elfs said it much better than I could manage, here...

Anyone want to move to Canada with me? We can buy a big ol' chunk of land, build a wall around it, and grow food, and not have to deal with the rest of the stinkin' world.

I'm going back to bed.
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Don't know why this isn't getting more new coverage, but here it is...

Federal agency rejects S.F. licenses

To summarize:

The Bush Administration took another swipe at San Francisco's gay wedding parade on Friday, instructing the Social Security Administration to ignore name change requests based on marriage licenses issued after Feb. 12 in the city.

The order applies to all such requests emanating from San Francisco County, including those of heterosexual couples.

Now, there are other forms of ID which can be used to change one's name, so this isn't making it impossible for people, but it's definitely gonna piss 'em off.

The thing that gets me is, since the order applies to everyone getting married in San Francisco and not just same-sex couples, what Bush is effectively doing is screwing people over just because they're from a city which has pissed him off.

Truly a class act.


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