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so before we could even leave for the event we hadda do something about the trailer, because it was in Pitlike Condition

there were shelfbits not being used so we Did a Thing

photo by Beth Brillante, Valkyre Productions

it is all organizey, i like that

photo by Beth Brillante, Valkyre Productions

the shelves sort of bent on the way to the event but didn’t actually fall over til we had it unloaded, so hey, that was pretty good

the site is very pretty & has TREES i like that part

photo by Dharma Fuller

also an obelisk, which, okay, i guess it’s an al-Barran thing

photo by Christian Brillante

this dude got a list-legal rattan banjo & also some twinkies, because THAT was perfect

(if this is a reference you do not get, you might enjoy watching Zombieland, it is low-scary & low-gross as zombie movies go)

photo by Kate Reña

i found a tiny moth

photo by Kate Reña

also there were of course cats, here is Obligatory Boys Snuggling On Bed Pic

photo by Christian Brillante

Minion with Cat

photo by Christian Brillante

Other Minion, with Other Cat

photo by Dharma Fuller

Other Other Minion, with Stubborn Stake & Most Excellent Expression ZOMG

photo by Dharma Fuller

admittedly the thing WAS pretty stuck

photo by Dharma Fuller

eventually we got the thing out (& by ‘we’ i mean ‘the minions’) & we finished packing & went home

as it turns out having minions means that at the end of the event, i am tired? but not entirely exhausted?

also that i am achy? but not in agony?


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I was hoping to do a really great Estrella post with lost of pictures, but apparently I mostly got pictures of the boys.

Boys sleeping in the van on the way there:

Boys sleeping in the tent:

Here, though, is a picture of an Excellent Dogger:

The boys sleeping on the van one cold night (yes, Chocolate is curled into an arch shape & sleeping on his face):

Also they spent a lot of time sleeping in the booth:

First thing up, last thing down:




Originally published at The Vagabond Tabby. You can comment here or there.

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From last Pennsic...

Take a look at the rest of the pictures, too. The guy with the camera is _good_.
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Events and parties and ... stuff ... oh my! )
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Earlier today, my rat unplugged my mouse. There's something about that, somehow...

I now have two rats. I picked up Reinhart from Brynn last night; he's tiny and cute and very snuggly and there will be pictures soon. There have been exploratory nose-sniffings but I'm not going to really introduce them until tomorrow. I also picked up a 20-gallon tank last night, so they'll have plenty of space.

Right now, Reinhart is curled up in the breast pocket of my flannel, quite asleep.


The ride up to Crown was...wet. Euw. I didn't get a lot of sleep that night in the hotel, so Saturday morning was painful, though everyone else was kind and let me sleep in. Even so, when I got on site I felt like I had a I napped in the Royal Room for half an hour.

The rest of the day was much better. The _sun_ came out and wow, was that a good thing. If it hadn't, I'd probably be in the car right now, heading away from _here_ until I found the sun...

Hung out with too many people to name. Not as much time with any of them as I wanted. Memorable moments include the 'household meeting' on the log, drooling over Sichel with [ profile] siobhan1214, telling Darius about the rainbow (he missed seeing it), buying a bead for the express purpose of leaving it as a token with the embroidered Pelican medallion in the A&S display...done by a seven year old...

The finals I did get bored after a while; I know enough about fighting that the first bout was interesting, but after that...

It was amazing, though. They fought whole bouts without swinging a blow. Lucan would shift his sword a little, as if to say 'I could hit you here', and Brion would move his shield a bit to say 'But I could block you like this', and they'd both nod a little and relax.

Eventually, though, we did get bored, and then my legs started hurting, and really I should have gone somewhere and sat down, but it was the finals of Crown...

Two _hours_.

I helped some with court, but not a lot; there wasn't a lot of stage and too many people on it. I was more useful during breakdown, which was fine, really. I'd rather do that stuff, anyway. Fewer people looking at me.

Didn't get a chance to say bye to [ profile] baronadhemar; sorry, boss! But we gotta talk about [ profile] faghagula's augmentation, and soon.

We ate (far too much) at a Bennigan's on the way home, and then drove and drove and drove and when we got home I got out of the van and went upstairs and went to bed.

It was a long day, but overall a good one.


However, I should have stayed awake long enough to make sure that the catnip I bought from Peyton stayed out in the van until I was ready to deal with it. Wups. Well, it's not like the cats can OD on the stuff.

She sells an anti-scarring cream that's _really_ nice. :) Also, there was oatmeal-something-mango soap.


Yesterday I slept the hell in. Then Lewis drove to the airport to fly down to Cocoa Beach for work. Then I did the rounds - stopped to visit my mom, which was lovely. She's much more fun to hang out with now that I'm not working for her. Helped with painting, hauled air conditioners, did some chainsawing, had dinner.

Thence to Brynn's to pick up Reinhart. Oh my god, a whole room full of cute friendly rats from tiny-tiny to big and grown up. I had fun. :)

I had the worst time picking - the whole litter I was choosing from were adorable and snuggly. I finally picked Reinhart because, though they were all trying to get out of the cage, he was the only one who was jumping straight up in the air in his attempts.

Also, he's got a little white star on his forehead. :)

Then up 422 to 100 to 29 to Emmaus to pick up the big aquarium, thence to home, another dinner, and bed.


Today's slow so far but there's writing percolating in my head. Also, I saw a pointer to a young writer mentoring program that I figured I should spread around. I don't think I'm up to being a mentor yet, but maybe some of you are and it looks like a really cool thing.


Oct. 10th, 2005 01:51 pm
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That pretty much describes the weekend.

Friday night was dinner with Jodi at a lovely little Mexican place called Tortilla Flat. We only got a little wet going in, but on the way back out to the car it was raining pretty hard. What with the chill and the big drops of rain and the fact that I was feeling like crap already, I was about shaking by the time we got back to the car.

Getting home helped with that, and we packed up for the weekend, and went to bed early. To little avail; I didn't sleep a lot, again, and waking up at 5:30 was...unpleasant. We packed Christina and Alis and [ profile] amykb in the van and headed south, and I slept nearly the entire ride.

Site was...wet. And troll wasn't open yet, as the troll hadn't shown up; the poor deputy autocrat was busily trying to run troll without half of what she needed. She did okay, and we got trolled in.

[ profile] fosveny disappeared to the unbelts meeting and I helped Gwenllian get the consult table set up. Things were pretty quiet for a while, then the fencers moved into the building we were in because it was just too damn wet outside. Which was nice; we had something to watch without it being too loud. The heavy fighters were outside, though.

[ profile] amykb wound up pulling an A&S display basically out of her butt; we have no idea who was supposed to run it, or if anyone even had been assigned to. It went pretty well, though. I put my braies in, and Christina put in her hood.

I'd forgotten my pattens, by the way...I wasn't going to wear my shoes without my pattens, and I wasn't about to wear by chausses without my I ran around in a tunic and my shorts all day. Barefoot, mostly. I felt like a git, but all my other options were worse. Really, I felt crappy enough, especially earlier in the day, that I thought about just going _back_ out to the van to sleep.


But it wasn't so bad, really. I stayed inside for nearly the whole day. I did some heraldry, and spun some buffalo fur that Evil Kirsten handed me. (Using a pen for a spindle, as I hadn't anything else...) Christina announced that she was sick of not having anything to do as deputy exchequer, so she wanted to learn heraldry instead. I taught her basic blazon stuff, and she picked it up _really_ quickly, especially given how scattered I was teaching...Gwenllian taught her some basic conflict checking stuff, too, and she seems pretty enthused. I'm gonna recommend to Britt that she take her as a deputy.

I got to hang out with [ profile] chargirlgenius and meet Henry and [ profile] jljonsn and [ profile] alienor and [ profile] melaniesuzanne, and I hope I wasn't babbling so badly I scared the latter three off. Henry's way cute, though.

Missed part of court for shopping, since the rain had finally slowed. Indulged in retail therapy involving blue/purple mugs and a bowl. Almost bought a whole lot of cool wood stuff from Spanish Peacock, but didn't, owing to lack of cash. Got back to court in time to watch Marietta da Firenze get a Silver Crescent. Helped clean up some afterwards (the only thing I did to help out D&R, I'm afraid) and then we packed up and headed out.

The hotel sucked, and that's all I'm sayin'. Breakfast was fine once we got there. Home, and catching up on a few computer things, and then much napping. And then sleep. Gods, I was tired. Still am. Might nap this afternoon, though some writing is actually happening so maybe not...


Oct. 7th, 2005 01:59 pm
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Also, it's raining and I really don't want to go to Kingdom Crusades.
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I'm rapidly discovering that given the choice between SCA-written 'medievaloid' music, and real period music, I'll pick the latter every time.

In fact, given a choice between a lot of the sort of 'folk/traditional' music that people sing at events, and real period music, I'll pick the latter every time.

I'm currently listening to parts of a CD from Harper's Retreat a bunch of years ago. Parts, because I keep skipping over songs. I get maybe halfway through, and think, you know, I'm not _enojoying_ this one...and it's always the modern stuff. I'm really enjoying listening to the period stuff. The sound is just _so_ different.

I'll probably put more Machaut back in after this. Maybe before I had period music to listen to I wouldn't have known enough to know what's _not_...but now that I do know, said knowledge won't just conveniently go away.

Guess I need more period stuff.

To Do

Aug. 21st, 2005 10:00 pm
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1) start Pennsic laundry

2) mow lawn

3) do dishes

4) unpack what I can from the van

5) sweep

6) vacuum

7) call the cat shelter guy and arrange an interview

8) write a query letter for that article and send it out

9) shop for food, since we're out


10) sleep


Aug. 20th, 2005 08:47 pm
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Home. Not dead. Cats are all fine. Catnip toys have been dispensed.

Off to food, thence bed.

The List

Aug. 5th, 2005 05:44 pm
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- sew the rest of Lewis's new garb

- make new things to go over the roof ring

- pack the books

- cut the new smoke hole cover and (possibly) seamseal (once we get there)

- (possibly) finish seamsealing yurt roof (once we get there)

- cut new tarp for yurt (once we get there)

- pack food-related items (not bringing)

- cut rattan sword blanks (once we get there)

- polish helmet (once we get there)

- cut out blue hood for Lewis and red hood for me (can't find the damn fabric...)

- pack everything in the van

- sleep

- go
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And lo! [ profile] fosveny did say, make me garb, for I needeth such, and so it was done, and he saw it to be good.

Okay, not really. But he _did_ say 'y'know, I know I have enough garb to get through Pennsic, but I really want enough _authentic_ garb to make it through Pennsic. I know you don't like using the machine, but I don't mind the thing. Can you cut some stuff out for me, and I'll sew it up? I'll even try using the linen thread in the machine.'

I can deal with that. Though I think I'm going to ask him to hold off on finishing the seams, so I can do that by hand later. Maybe get him to help some, too; we'll have all winter.

So now I have cut out and ready to sew:

1 red wool hood, fulled up pretty thick
1 red linen tunic
1 blue linen tunic (very light fabric, will probably be really comfortable)
1 maroon silk noil tunic (I know, but it's a smooth enough silk noil that it'll look like a light wool sorta)

And I will likely be cutting out:

1 or 2 red wool tunics, out of summerweight wool
several linen undertunics, either out of the 5.5 I have now, or 3.5 if we can find it at Jo-Mar this weekend.

I still have for myself:

1 pr. blue wool full hosen (cut, not started)
1 cote, maroon wool lined in yellow linen (cut except for collar, sewn up to the point where I need to put in the collar)
1 cote, blue wool with white linen lining, lovely 3.5 (cut, not started; not even going to try it for Pennsic)
1 demi-houp, blue wool with red linen lining (mostly cut, still need to finish sleeve pattern; not even going to try it for Pennsic)

I still want to cut out for myself, and finish before Pennsic:

several (likely 3) linen undertunics, as above

I'm nuts. Right?


Jul. 12th, 2005 11:47 am
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[ profile] baronadhemar is a bad bad man.

3900 euros. 4700 American. Plus shipping.

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Okay. Here's the short-short version.

Maybe only semi-short )

Off to bed, thence to dream of acceptances and returns and mailing lists and old Free Trumpet Press West order forms.
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  • return the movie I rented over a week ago

  • put money in the bank so I can pay bills

  • pay said bills

  • buy new toner for the Great Photocopying of the Photomasters Project

  • start making more copies for the Great Photocopying of the Photomasters Project

  • do laundry
  • (enough for today, anyway)
  • get the oil changed for the van

  • possibly get new tires for the van
  • (next week probably)
  • get all the boxes out of the van
  • (more than half of them, anyway)
  • go through said boxes, as they're EK heraldic files which need a _lot_ of sorting

  • help my mom move the store
  • (most of this week...)
  • help Ellesbeth move to her new place
  • (Friday night and Saturday)
  • email Jae about various name articles I'm working on
  • (in a few weeks when she's less busy)
  • email Tommaso about the bed for Pennsic
  • (and got a reply already)
  • weed

  • plant flowers

  • get [ profile] fosveny to move the box of cat litter downstairs, so I can...

  • scoop and refill the litterboxen, and use some of the detritus to...

  • chase off the damn groundhog

  • sew A Lot

  • work on the yurt - finish retying the khana, waterproof the roof

  • clean the basement

  • mail the copies of checks to AElfgeorn

  • get some actual writing done...

And there's always more...updates as the day goes.

[edit] added some stuff, crossed some stuff out...lather, rinse, repeat...
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I'm off to [ profile] baronadhemar's again for a few days, planning on getting a lot of sewing done and see the Chanel exhibit and stuff. I don't know if I'll be able to get online at all, though I'm bringing the laptop this time. The cats all have each other for entertainment but I hope Siegfried doesn't get lonely without me.

Lewis is in Key West until Wednesday (as of now, but who knows).

It's actually raining, which my garden needed a lot.

Next weekend: Hang out with [ profile] dr_zrfq and [ profile] montuos, then work on the yurt.
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So I got to the event, and started to actually have fun...

...and my guts informed me in No Uncertain Terms that I was going home.


So I drove home yesterday, and watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and watched it again with the Johnny/Gore commentary, and watched the extra scenes, and watched it with the commentary from all of the screen writers, the latter of which was especially fascinating. Okay, I slept through the second half of PoTC the first time through, but I needed it...

On the up side, I got a lot of sewing done, and I posted a little piece to [ profile] pirategasm this morning which has already received good reviews.

Debating going back up to the site for a while. Not sure it's wise, but dammit, I want at least to see people...

Considering naming the rat Oliver, per Appolonia's suggestion.
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Ever had a day that just sucked?

I mean sucked, frequently without any particular reason. Well, this one started out sucky and got worse. I woke up annoyed, I spent the morning annoyed, I knew I had to go up to the Homestead and help Gino get things out of the Shire's storage thing (since I have the Van the Size of France, don't you know) and I was annoyed about that, and I was further annoyed because I wasn't getting off my ass to get out of the house and get it over with. And then as I was ready to finally go, Lewis decides that we have to deal with KWHS Right Now which blows another hour.

So, lacking a shower or any food other than a bowl of cereal, I get into France and head north. On the way I get a call from Lewis reminding me to put the Shire's torch-thing in the van (which I had), call my sister to talk about what to get Mom for her birthday next week (which she feels the need to Think About a lot harder than I do), get a call from my mom asking why the laser is acting up (no idea, I don't do hardware) and call Gino to say I'm on my way. It's not until after I was on the turnpike and couldn't turn around that Gino called back and said 'we won't actually be there until 4'. So there goes and hour and a half and a lot of gas.

Mind you, I'd been fairly grumpy about having to run up to the Homestead anyway. Not because of Gino and Lisa, but just because of...grumpitude. I don't even _want_ to go to Landsknecht this weekend. Not for any particular reason that I can see; I just can't be arsed to pack and go up there and set up and help other people set up and run a heraldry table and do dishes and tear down and pack up and make five trips to wherever we're putting the Shire stuff _now_ and probably manage one shower all weekend and come home aching and smelly and with a whole lot _more_ laundry.

I think I'm maybe a bit burned out on the SCA right now.

I know as soon as I'm up there and the tent's up I'll be all right. There are a lot of people I want to see, and Lewis's _brother_ will be there of all things, and I'll get to go BOOM, and all of that. But right now I am _so_ unmotivated...

So I drove home. Got cut off, and cursed a lot. The air conditioning was too cold and opening the window was too hot and too loud and the radio was playing all songs I hate. I stopped at the grocery and picked up Chinese lunch and snacky bits. I try to avoid food therapy, but sometimes you just have to...

Knocked the phone into the trash can when I sat down to eat. Almost threw it across the room. Then managed about five bites of Chinese food before the stomachache hit. At which point my sister called, and the handset I picked up started beeping, and I had to run into the kitchen to stay on the line with her. She wanted to talk _more_ about what to get mom, and then talked at me for like twenty minutes about her crazy cat who I just _cannot_ deal with right now.

I put lunch in the fridge and decided I'd had it. Went upstairs and grumbled at poor Lewis. Called Lisa and said 'can we not do it tonight', to which she agreed. Took out my rat, turned on the AC because it's sticky, grumlbed at Lewis a bit more, and I'm feeling some better now.

Off to write for a bit.


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