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So, okay, there was this event. We showed up in the dark and the rain, and [ profile] fosveny and [ profile] giselle0002 kindly set up camp while [ profile] baronadhemar and [ profile] fritzi plied me with hot chocolate and not-thingies. There was some laughter and some memories of Pam (frequently intertwined) and then I went to get my new boom-stick and show it off. Shortly after that I went the hell to bed.

Somehow I slept until 1 the next afternoon. I'm not entirely sure how; although I do remember waking up a few times, listening to the rain, and thinking, 'it's dry in here'. And going back to sleep.

Lunch was out when I got up and I feasted on that for a while. Hung out with a couple people, eventually went shopping, bought a few things. I'm sure some other stuff happened in there but I don't remember a one of them.

Then there was court, except that before court was some foosball, and foosball is a happy thing, though I'm no good at it sober, I'm afraid...

Most of court was la la la people I don't know and then they called up Sam and I was so proud. Also, I walked him up there before he could run away or something. It was a happy Silver-Crescent-giving and he got three medallions and if I'd had a brain cell I mighta given him one too. But, oh well.

Then there was showering (for there wouldn't be a chance again for far too long), and snuggling of kittens. Cute, fuzzy, snuggly kittens. Kinda scared at first but got used to people real fast. They both have homes and I'm quite happy for them.

Then there was dinner, at an Eat N Park. Good basic food in a warm dry place. Just what I needed after getting (did I mention) rained on all damn day.

Then there was a party for Sam, and then there was a lot of sleeping, but really not enough, what with getting up at 5AM and all.

But, that comes later.
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And oh, so tired.

But it's nice to be here again, nice to be back with my kittens, nice to be in a house instead of a hotel room. Nice to have a bed-sized bed again, and my computer. Nice to be back in touch with people.

I seem to be recovering from jet lag pretty well so far, probably because I never really adjusted in the first place - taking a nap every day around the time it was time to go to bed back at home probably helped with that. Although not eating breakfast today until about three _didn't_.

Ahh, well. I'm home; more later.

Also? New icon.
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(At least this one's not dead.)

So I come upstairs from a lovely nap, and Lewis is sitting in his room, and he says, 'come in here'. He looks up at me solemnly, with one finger pointed up in what looked to me like a 'wait' position. I waited, patiently, for him to call up whatever marvel onto the computer screen he wanted me to look at, but he simply cast his eyes upwards and so I followed suit. I frowned, puzzled.

"Listen," he said, and I did so, trying to hear the hiss of the snow on the roof over what he was doing with his fingers. Scrape, scrape, tap, tap, and I frowned and looked down at his hand.

Not moving.

I looked back up.

The noise was evocative enough that I promptly went in to check on my rats (worry not, [ profile] amykb, they're safely still in the cage). It's certainly about rat-sized, though. And given previous experience (that would be Thing in the Attic Part One), it's likely a squirrel. And, while it certainly _sounds_ like he's chewing on the house, he's likely got a nut or something.

Lewis is intermittently yelling 'stop' at the ceiling, with predictable results. Given the weather, I'm minded to let the poor guy stay there until the snow long as he gets back out on his own afterwards.
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I got the bloodwork done this morning. She was good - the damage from the tape was worse than the damage from the needle.

Realized shortly after I got home that I'm getting a cold. Make that, by this time of day, got a cold. So, napped.

Did no herb stuff today. Did some yesterday and Monday, about which I will post when I have a brain.

Still going to do the meme that [ profile] ladypeyton tagged me for. Soon. Really.

Had chicken with garlic, lemon juice, and lime juice for dinner. Lotsa garlic. Needed some white wine, I think.

Currently drinking a slightly-boozed strawberry-banana smoothie. Previously, drank quite a bit of tea and ate cold-eeze like it's going out of style. Soon, will drink Big Fucking Q. Then, sleep.

Did much job stuff. Finished resume, uploaded it to a couple of places, messed with it there. Went lookies for jobs and applied to many. (Happy one-click application stuff!) With luck, will get job soon.

Other stuff happened, but I haven't the faintest recollection what.

Bed now.


Dec. 14th, 2005 02:26 pm
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That's the second time I've done that with that knife...

No, it's not as bad as last time. Stuck a band-aid on it. Bleeding's mostly stopped. Mostly just annoying as shit.

Cookies, soon, though.
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Home. Not dead. V. tired. Bat safely evicted. Rats highly unnerved by same. Off to read in a quiet corner, with my cats.
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First I typed 'shirt takes'. Well, between us, [ profile] fosveny and I did buy three new shirts over the weekend...


Last Fruits

Went out to the garden last night -- after dark, in the near-freezing rain, because I've been putting it off -- to pick the last of the tomatoes and peppers. Not a bad haul, given how much I neglected my garden this year. I used some of the tomatoes in taco salad last night, and I want to actually use the rest, if they ripen enough. I don't like wasting food, and I seem to slip the worst with the stuff I've grown myself.

Got me thinking about a number of things. One, that my garden isn't well-placed; it doesn't get enough sun. I'm thinking about possibly moving it to the smaller garden along the side of the house. I wouldn't be able to plant as much but they'd do better.

The other seems to want to get too long to go into a posting called 'short takes' or even 'shirt takes', so I'm gonna break that out into something else.



Snow and mountains (in my mother's backyard, no less) and fighting with my sister and fighting Bad Guys (one of whom was inexplicably [ profile] page_of_swords in the Florida Keys. Plus a couple other bits I've already forgotten. I was busy last night.



Made a brief appearance earlier. Wouldn't mind seeing more.


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